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We deliver web and mobile app development services to Indian businesses since 2013, with 100% project delivery success. Hire the best programmers at affordable prices. Our design-focused approach and project execution processes help you to deliver the right solutions.

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Unique design of Odoo ERP enables you to customize all aspects of the application with ease. You can swimmingly modify and extend the data model, the workflows, the reports, the views, the security model to adapt it/ or extend it to the specificity of each company.


The functional scope of Odoo ERP includes, CRM, sales, warehouse management, project management, finances and accounting, manufacturing, human resources, and more. More than thousand modules are available, some certified by Odoo/openerp S.A., some published by the community

It is affordable

Odoo, editor of Odoo, publishes the software under the AGPL license and is committed to open source.


An Odoo ERP application consists of modules. A customer can embark on a limited functional scope with only a few modules and later extend the application to cope with the growth of the company or integrate additional business workflows.

It is open source

Odoo, editor of Odoo, publishes the software under the AGPL license and is committed to open source.

Huge Community

In the frame of odoo opensource business management software we have a large community for continuous odoo development. odoo's opensource community is contributing their code and the number of developers we have in this community is more then 400k.

​Technologies we Expert in





V-Tiger CRM




React.Js / Native


Hybrid Mobile Apps







Artificial Intelligence




PHP Phalcon









Dedicated ODOO Implementer since version 5.0 to latest version.  

Since 2010 we working with ODOO, our journey started with ODOO version 5.0. We work on all ODOO version, either community or enterprise.

Special dedicate team who worked with ODOO core framework with ODOO S.A and founder with ODOO. We are excellent with odoo,

  • ODOO Functional
  • ODOO Technical
  • ODOO Core Framework
  • Varying version of ODOO
  • Right way implementation of ODOO
  • Community and Enterprise implementation at cost effective way

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Engage and Delight

Partnering with you on transformation & growth opportunities to achieve your goals faster.

  • planning
  • research + insights
  • brand positioning
  • content strategy

Mobile App

Android, iOS & cross-platform app

We develop mobile apps that help businesses for better operational efficiency and engagement.

  • iOS Apps Development
  • Android App Development
  • Cross Platform Apps
  • Mobile strategy

Web Development

Top web Expert in India

delivering the best web development services to craft bespoke websites, web applications, web-tools, etc.

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • CMS Website
  • Mobile Backend & APIs

Creative Services

Designing for all taste palettes

Simple design is a complex process. We simplify it by focusing on Challenges and Solutions

  • Wireframe
  • Analysis
  • UI / UX Design
  • Branding

Our Work

USA, ERP & Multi-channel sales Integration

Allow more then 4 Shopify store to integrate with single ERP system to manage all lead, sales, inventory, purchase and regular followups. Allow QuickBook Desktop Application Integration

  • Online Private Cloud
  • Desktop QuickBook Integration
  • Dynamic Routing and Drop shipment
  • ODOO 6.0 version working successful since 2013

UK, Open Banking & Accounting Automation

With Open Banking Framework we delivered banking system, Online Accounting and invoice management 

  • Online Cloud Solution access from desktop, mobile, iPad
  • Dashboard with Business Intelligence
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online-Payment
  • Support Ticket / Help Desk
  • Automated Accounting system as transaction grow

Government Project at SIERRA LEONE

End to end implementation for entire government operations. Enterprise Resource Planning is used to make it happen faster.

  • Online Cloud Solution access from desktop, mobile, iPad
  • Government Reports
  • Payroll / payslip 
  • Time-sheet / Attendance 
  • Survey
  • Corruption Reporting System
  • Dashboard with Business Intelligence
  • Procurement & Inventory
  • Employee Loan Management & Payroll
  • Appraisal form & Life Cycle with Approval
  • Integration on demands as their personal concern. 

USA, Membership & Magazine Subscription

Business Transformation to affordable solution, Migrate to ERP with Membership, Magazine, Bank Audit, Online Invoicing, Google Drive integration, Paypal Recurring Payments, Recurring members
  • Online Cloud Solution access from desktop, mobile, iPad
  • Membership Control System
  • Dashboard with Business Intelligence
  • Online Invoices
  • Online-Payment
  • USA ACH payment Feature
  • Magazine
  • Sub-Branch Commission System

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Client Testimonials

Roland P. , CEO

Xamta Infotech is dedicated team for their works and faster and accurate to work. They have such excellent domain knowledge and excellent collaboration

Walker D, Entrepreneur 

Xamta Infotech have smart team and regular routine for update. We use plenty of different system and now they centralise it. All my e-commerce stores now have central control system. As well more proficient alerts to keep me inform my actions and product level decision making system 

Jana S, CTO

We have very complex business operations and daily routine, thank you so much for making our system 95% fully automated as 5% we always have management view. All our trade partner as well become happy to have automated order for shipment. We keep working since 2014. 

Heather H, CEO, Manufacturing

With very few products manufacturing having very complex process. Mr. Tejas Tank make simplify our process and all most automated system. Now we have clear vision on raw material planning and order management. Inventory is fully digital to control. Their to their team with IOT knowledge. We able to decide for product lots control system.

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