A Comparison Of Odoo 15 Community And Odoo Enterprise by XAMTA INFOTECH

by XAMTA INFOTECH Odoo, Odoo 15 - May 13, 2022

Odoo stands out as one of the leading ERP software solutions, empowering businesses to manage a wide array of operations, including Sales, CRM, Website & eCommerce, Accounting, MRP, Purchase, Inventory, HRM, and more.

Being an Open Source ERP, Odoo boasts 32,000+ ready-made modules developed by the Odoo community and integrators. Out of these, 16,000+ modules are available for free, while another 16,000+ are paid modules catering to various industries such as Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management, Trading, Purchase and Inventory Management, HRM, and many more. Odoo also provides 550+ ready-made themes for Ecommerce and Business websites, with 140+ themes available for free and 420+ paid themes.

As Odoo evolves with the latest version, Odoo 15, it continues to surpass its predecessors, offering increased speed and functionality compared to Odoo v14.

Odoo 15 is presented in two versions: Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise.

Odoo 15 Community:

It is the Open Source version available free of cost, offering functionality to manage essential business objectives.

Odoo 15 Enterprise:

This is a paid/licensed version that includes features from Odoo Community Version along with additional functionalities to address comprehensive business objectives.

Let's delve into the major distinctions between Odoo 15 Community and Enterprise editions.

General Features:

While both versions share some general features, such as Unlimited Functional Support, Upgrade to newer versions with the database, Better Hosting Facility, and Unlimited bug fixing, these are specifically applicable to Odoo 15 Enterprise.

User Interface:

Odoo 15 Community is designed for the Desktop version, whereas Odoo 15 Enterprise edition is accessible for both Desktop and Mobile, featuring a mobile-friendly UI.

Odoo Studio:

The Odoo Studio module, allowing easy customization of views, is exclusive to Odoo 15 Enterprise. Users can effortlessly Edit Menu, Design Report, perform Customizations in Screen, and create Modules using this module, which is not available for the Community version.

Sales Management:

Both Community and Enterprise versions encompass sales-related modules and a customer portal. However, Odoo 15 Enterprise users enjoy additional features like Digital Products, Help-desk, Subscription, VoIP Integration, and more.

Inventory Management:

While Odoo 15 Community users have access to Inventory Management features, Odoo 15 Enterprise users gain additional features like Support for Barcode Scanner and delivery connectors like UPS, USPS, FedEX, which are absent in Odoo 15 Community.

Accounting Management Features: 

Odoo 15 Enterprise introduces a variety of dynamic reports like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Executive Summary, Aged Payable and Receivables, Tax Report, along with features like Sales Receipt, Purchase Receipt, and Digital Bill. These features are not available in the Odoo 15 Community version.

Manufacturing Management:

Both Odoo 15 Community and Enterprise versions include MRP features like Work Centers and Bills Of Materials. However, Enterprise version users receive additional features like Quality, PLM, Maintenance, ioT, and more.

Project Management:

Odoo 15 Enterprise's Project Management offers additional features such as Employee planning for resource allocation, facilitating resource allocation among projects and tasks with accurate deadline estimation. These features are not available in Odoo 15 Community.

Point Of Sale (POS):

The introduction of new features related to Coupon And Promotion programs in Odoo 15 allows users to apply Coupons and Promotions while making orders from POS. Previously available for Sales and eCommerce modules, this functionality is now extended to POS, providing businesses flexibility across various modules.

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