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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can benefit non-profit organizations in several ways:

Efficient Resource Management

ERP systems help non-profits manage their resources more efficiently. This includes tracking donations, managing budgets, and allocating resources to various projects or initiatives.

Streamlined Operations

ERP systems can streamline various administrative tasks like payroll, human resources, and procurement. This efficiency allows non-profits to focus more on their mission rather than spending excessive time on administrative work.

Transparency and Accountability

Non-profits often rely on funding from donors and grants. ERP systems provide transparency by tracking financial transactions and ensuring accountability in fund utilization. This transparency can build trust with donors.

Donor Relationship Management

ERP systems can help non-profits manage donor relationships by tracking interactions, preferences, and donation history. This information can be used to tailor fundraising efforts and maintain strong donor connections.


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Reporting and Compliance

Non-profits are often subject to specific reporting requirements for grants and tax-exempt status. ERP systems can generate the necessary reports and ensure compliance with regulations

Cost Control

By providing insights into financial data and operational efficiency, ERP systems can help non-profits identify cost-saving opportunities and make informed decisions to maximize their impact.


As non-profits grow or expand their programs, ERP systems can adapt to their changing needs, making it easier to scale operations.

Data Security

Protecting donor and organizational data is crucial. ERP systems often have robust security features to safeguard sensitive information.

In summary, ERP systems offer non-profit organizations the tools they need to manage their operations effectively, maintain transparency, and optimize resource allocation, ultimately helping them achieve their mission and make a greater impact.

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USA, ERP & Multi-channel sales Integration

Allow more then 4 Shopify store to integrate with single ERP system to manage all lead, sales, inventory, purchase and regular followups. Allow QuickBook Desktop Application Integration

  • Online Private Cloud
  • Desktop QuickBook Integration
  • Dynamic Routing and Drop shipment
  • ODOO 6.0 version working successful since 2013

UK, Open Banking & Accounting Automation

With Open Banking Framework we delivered banking system, Online Accounting and invoice management 

  • Online Cloud Solution access from desktop, mobile, iPad
  • Dashboard with Business Intelligence
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online-Payment
  • Support Ticket / Help Desk
  • Automated Accounting system as transaction grow

Government Project at SIERRA LEONE

End to end implementation for entire government operations. Enterprise Resource Planning is used to make it happen faster.

  • Online Cloud Solution access from desktop, mobile, iPad
  • Government Reports
  • Payroll / payslip 
  • Time-sheet / Attendance 
  • Survey
  • Corruption Reporting System
  • Dashboard with Business Intelligence
  • Procurement & Inventory
  • Employee Loan Management & Payroll
  • Appraisal form & Life Cycle with Approval
  • Integration on demands as their personal concern. 

USA, Membership & Magazine Subscription

Business Transformation to affordable solution, Migrate to ERP with Membership, Magazine, Bank Audit, Online Invoicing, Google Drive integration, Paypal Recurring Payments, Recurring members
  • Online Cloud Solution access from desktop, mobile, iPad
  • Membership Control System
  • Dashboard with Business Intelligence
  • Online Invoices
  • Online-Payment
  • USA ACH payment Feature
  • Magazine
  • Sub-Branch Commission System
ODOO Partner

Dedicated ODOO Implementer since version 5.0 to latest version.  

Since 2010 we working with ODOO, our journey started with ODOO version 5.0. We work on all ODOO version, either community or enterprise.

Special dedicate team who worked with ODOO core framework with ODOO S.A and founder with ODOO. We are excellent with odoo,

  • ODOO Functional
  • ODOO Technical
  • ODOO Core Framework
  • Varying version of ODOO
  • Right way implementation of ODOO
  • Community and Enterprise implementation at cost effective way

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