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As of my last update in September 2021, Railsbank was a leading Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform. While the landscape might have changed, here are ten alternatives to Railsbank that were prominent in the BaaS space at that time:


Plaid is widely used in North America and provides a comprehensive API suite for connecting applications with users' bank accounts.


Solarisbank, based in Germany, is known for its modular and flexible banking services, attracting fintech startups and established businesses across Europe.

Thought Machine:

Thought Machine's Vault is gaining recognition for its modern, cloud-native core banking system, offering flexibility and scalability for financial institutions.


ClearBank is one of the leading clearing banks in the UK, offering clearing and banking services to financial institutions, fintech firms, and other businesses.

11:FS Foundry:

11:FS Foundry is recognized for its cloud-native architecture, allowing banks to rapidly deploy new products and services.Mambu:

Mambu is a cloud-native banking platform used by a variety of financial institutions globally, including traditional banks, digital banks, and fintech companies.

Q2 Banking:

Q2 provides digital banking solutions, including account management, payments, lending, and more, serving a range of financial institutions.


Temenos is a well-established banking software provider, offering a suite of solutions for retail, corporate, and other banking sectors worldwide.


Finzly's banking platform caters to financial institutions looking to enhance their digital offerings, with a focus on providing innovative and customizable solutions.

Five Degrees:

Five Degrees' Matrix platform is known for its flexibility, allowing financial institutions to adapt to changing market demands and deliver a superior customer experience.

Please note that the popularity and relevance of these platforms can change over time as new players enter the market and existing platforms evolve their services. It's essential to research the current offerings, user reviews, and industry trends to identify the most popular and suitable BaaS platform for your specific needs.

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