Odoo Integration with Biometric or Attendance Machine

Secured Real-time Digital Attendance Tracking System

Inquire with any HR professional, and they will express the frustration associated with keeping tabs on employee attendance. Imagine the inconvenience for a manager when an urgent leave request is submitted, and an immediate decision is hindered due to the unavailability of the employee's leave record.

The solution to these challenges lies in integrating a Biometric machine with Odoo. By seamlessly incorporating Biometric with Odoo Attendance, you gain the ability to monitor real-time employee presence/absence in the office, streamline payroll processes, and manage attendance sheets. With HR personnel having real-time access to employee attendance, notifications can be sent through SMS/Email, enhancing communication.

Distinguishing itself from standard Biometric Integration Modules that employ less reliable protocols (UDP), this integration utilizes TCP, allowing communication over the Internet without data loss.

Key Features of Real-Time Biometric Integration:

- Set time alerts for specific employee activities

- Real-time addition/removal of employees

- Monitor employees' sign-ins/sign-outs promptly

- Manage multiple Biometric Machines using a centralized user database within Odoo

- Handle multiple time zones

- Manage Biometric devices from anywhere with an Internet connection (Using TCP)

- Real-time sign-in/sign-out of Odoo users with Biometric actions

Biometric System Overview:

XAMTA INFOTECH provides a seamless cloud-based open-source attendance tracking solution by integrating Biometric Systems with the Odoo System's HR Attendance Module.

The Biometric Machines are seamlessly linked to the cloud-based Odoo server, already connected to the internet, facilitating real-time data capture, feeding, and tracking within the system, ensuring instantaneous updates.

XAMTA INFOTECH offers two distinct types of Biometric attendance tracking solutions to clients:

1. ESSL / ZKTeco Biometric – Odoo Server Direct Integration

2. ESSL / ZKTeco Biometric – Odoo Server Integration with a Local Server as a Mediator.

Biometric Integration with Odoo Attendance is a mutually beneficial situation for both the HR department and employees. With real-time access to employee attendance, HR professionals and managers can make decisions promptly when employees request leave. It helps curb absenteeism, allowing the identification of its root causes before it adversely affects the organization. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in boosting employee productivity in the workplace.

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