ODOO.sh Something Went WrongBetter to move Private VPS

​ODOO SH not recommanded for sensetive businesses

ODOO.sh crash anytime as well no way to fix this. See as below.

Our own experience with ODOO.Sh a client running flower store business and paying 60% biggest amount than normal server VPS cost. Even during production when we are under maintance and fixing thier business critical isssues. ODOO gives this issues, no support, no fix immediate. 

Private VPS with ODOO Hositng cost you monthly 39$ approx. Even to manage server is easy, single server enought to manage production and development environment. As well to upgrade is easy. with community edition you can have unlimited users, with enterprise edition you can have all users as you get license from ODOO. 

Even on odoo.sh main critical issues are.

When live environment is on goig and have to fix any issues very urgently, there are lots of issues with commit and push and waiting for a long. in case their immediate to debug, it is impossible via shell. Shell is just for restart. odoo.sh shell is complete useless. Everything need and depends on github. In case you hire any new guy. it takes all most 60 yo 90 minutes to share details and control to new person.  Private VPS immediate control and immeidate fix. We xamta infotech have fixed Direct VPS issues for odoo in just 60 seconds to 10 mintues. Production envionment can't be wait for fixing concern.

ODOO.sh 4 workers only cost you 300 $ or more based on selection, where Private VPS for ODOO to host community or enterprise only cost 39$ monhtly. Inluding dedicate support team. So it is not adviable to go for odoo.sh always. 

In our experience USA, Europe, UAE cleints who go with odoo.sh they graduablly move to private VPS. Priavte VPS more advance to have security and optimisation as well. 

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