add a website URL as a shortcut on the home screen for mobile and desktop platforms

If you want to create a link to share:

  1. You can simply copy the full website URL and paste it into any place you want to share the link, such as an email, a document, or a messaging app. A hyperlink will typically be automatically created by most platforms when you paste a full URL (e.g.,

If you're looking to add a website URL as a shortcut on a mobile device's home screen:

  1. For Android: Open your web browser, navigate to the website, tap the three dots for the browser settings, and choose "Add to Home screen." You'll then be able to name the shortcut before adding it to your home screen.

  2. For iOS: Open Safari, navigate to the website, tap the share icon (square with an arrow pointing out), and select "Add to Home Screen." Then, name the shortcut and tap "Add."

For placing a website shortcut on a desktop:

  1. For Windows: Resize your browser and desktop so you can see both on the screen. Navigate to the website, then click on the URL in the address bar and drag it to the desktop to create a shortcut.

  2. For macOS: Drag the URL from the address bar to the desktop, or use Safari to navigate to the website, click the share button, and choose "Add to Reading List" or "Bookmark Page" if you prefer those options over a desktop shortcut.

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