XAMTA INFOTECH Magento Integration with Odoo

Businesses worldwide are increasingly focused on optimizing their operations through Odoo integration. The integration of Magento with Odoo stands out as another potent tool that can propel your business to new heights. According to experts, Magento serves as an excellent application for the front end of your webshop, while Odoo is an ideal back-office application that supports all the necessary business processes.

Connector Features:

1. Smooth Sales Order Imports: Facilitates the seamless import of sales orders from Magento to Odoo and exports the product catalog from Odoo to Magento.

2. Comprehensive Data Import: Enables the import of categories, catalogs, products, addresses, and customer information.

3. Order Status Import: Imports every order status, including canceled, pending, started, enqueued, done, or failed orders, with just a few clicks.

4. Contact Creation: Even if a contact did not exist previously, the connector allows the creation of contacts during the import process.

5. No Duplication: Significantly reduces data redundancy by creating an individual task for each record imported into Odoo for customers, sales orders, products, and other categories.

6. Odoo Virtual Stocks: Keeps you updated on product stocks.

7. Synchronization: Processes the import of orders based on the order status in Odoo, synchronizing information across the e-commerce and Odoo platforms.

8. Product Type Management: Supports the import of all types of products except configurable products, aiding users in maintaining an accurate inventory record by creating a bill of materials for bundled product types.

9. Fully Tested: The connector and integration undergo close scrutiny through unit test cases, checking functionality with different order and product types and other combinations.

10. Predictable Behavior: Testing ensures that the connector's behavior is predictable, and the active features do not hinder the functioning of other features.

The Magento integration with Odoo has the potential to transform your business, optimizing many processes and yielding positive results in a short period. Numerous esteemed clients have profited significantly from this integration of Magento with Odoo.

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