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Dedicated ODOO Implementer since version 5.0 to latest version.  

Since 2010 we working with ODOO, our journey started with ODOO version 5.0. We work on all ODOO version, either community or enterprise.

Special dedicate team who worked with ODOO core framework with ODOO S.A and founder with ODOO. We are excellent with odoo,

  • ODOO Functional
  • ODOO Technical
  • ODOO Core Framework
  • Varying version of ODOO
  • Right way implementation of ODOO
  • Community and Enterprise implementation at cost effective way

Businesses looking for complete supply chain management solutions, even more customisation and flexible to move as per business needs, as well online and accesible via mobile, ipad, tablets, desktop or laptop. Even business owner looking for paperless business complete solution. Xamta Infotech provide right solution for your business.

It most affordable and easy to adopt, easy to integrate and easy to implement. Our company Xamta Infotech serve you well and manage operation by operation implemenet and team by team training to faster onboarding.

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QuickBook Online Integration

We enable your existing online quickbook system to integrate with ERP. Makes automation make smoother to operation business cash flow.

Automate Quickbook To ERP

  • contacts / clients to ERP
  • sale order to ERP
  • Purchase to ERP
  • Invoices to ERP
  • Products to ERP
  • Credit Note to ERP

Automate ERP to Quickbook

  • ERP contacts / clients to quickbook
  • ERP sale order to quickbook
  • ERP Purchase to quickbook
  • ERP Invoices to quickbook
  • ERP Products to quickbook
  • ERP Credit Note to quickbook

No worries, our team an expert on quickbook desktop and online integration more than 10 years.

Why don't you try to have a schedule meeting ? No cost of consultation.  Call us immediate +1-70-353-75057, USA 9 AM to 9 PM

Prolific and cherry-picked professionals at xamta infotech having years of experience in providing odoo services, toil day and night to give you best possible Odoo Services. We adopt coherent and organic approach to fix issues that pare down your productivity and efficiency.

As Odoo Service Provider we would be glad to hear from you, your valuable input will help us better our service quality and include relevant information on the website.

Odoo ERP services is not just Odoo Development, its all about Service providing approach that we gain with the time and would like to help people with best in place of Odoo Services for Odoo ERP Implementation. Helping with ERP implementation approach and not just software development.

ERP Consultancy + ERP Planning + ERP Implementation Approach + ERP Development + ERP Post go-live service = Successful Odoo ERP Implementation


Manage business specific chart of account

Journal Entries

Flexible to Import / create leads


Sales related invoices and payments


Purchase related invoices and payments

Reports & BI

Profit and lost, Balancesheet and other reports for a company

Online Payment

Get paid online instant and lot more with customer portal


Manage customer or client base with all complex details

Import Leads

Flexible to Import / create leads


Customer Relationship Management


Quotation & Sales, 
Send Quote by an Email

Products / Services

Revenue maker items or services

Email Marketing

Product / Service awareness


Manage and list your vendors 

Products / Services

Control vendor related code and price range, etc

Stock Adjustment

Allow you to flexibility to update daily stock count, at right location with lot / serial


Manage receiving items and label print, location etc


Pick right item direct ship or pick, pack and ship, all flexibility right here.

Internal Transfer

Olla, flexible to tranfer betweet warehouses


Modern way to operate your business, by lot/serial, product code, location code, easy to trace. 

Delivery Picking

System let you know how to pick, from where to pick, etc    

Landed Cost

Allow you to control landed cost with purchase system, right way to estimate purchase unit price per company or warehouse, etc 

Inventory FIFO | LIFO | FEFO

Flexible to manage movement of items in warehouse.

Expire Date

Allow you to decide and control expire date and etc ...

Multi Warehouse, Multi location

Allow to manage complexity with number of warehouses or locations.

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