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Powerful object level user rights in Odoo ERP

Extensibility is possible with Odoo ERP

Control over all your innovating processes

Its Easy to use

Standard data formats and protocols are used so there is no vendor lock-in, Provides 100% freedom

Zero risk – No vendor decides the future of system, Its you who will decide your own future

Odoo ERP helps in providing Constant and unlimited user support at L1, post Odoo ERP Implementation.

Odoo ERP Implementation can easily be Scalable

Ultimate flexibility in Odoo ERP Implementation – No β€œblackbox” package

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Cost of using Odoo ERP is reduced to zero



Unique design of Odoo ERP enables you to customize all aspects of the application with ease. You can swimmingly modify and extend the data model, the workflows, the reports, the views, the security model to adapt it/ or extend it to the specificity of each company.


The functional scope of Odoo ERP includes, CRM, sales, warehouse management, project management, finances and accounting, manufacturing, human resources, and more. More than thousand modules are available, some certified by Odoo/openerp S.A., some published by the community

It is affordable

Odoo, editor of Odoo, publishes the software under the AGPL license and is committed to open source.


An Odoo ERP application consists of modules. A customer can embark on a limited functional scope with only a few modules and later extend the application to cope with the growth of the company or integrate additional business workflows.

It is open source

Odoo, editor of Odoo, publishes the software under the AGPL license and is committed to open source.

Huge Community

In the frame of odoo opensource business management software we have a large community for continuous odoo development. odoo's opensource community is contributing their code and the number of developers we have in this community is more then 400k.


As compared to other ERP solutions, Odoo ERP lean and agile processes with incredible speed and accuracy will certainly grab your attention. Efforts have been made to make it as automated as possible. Likewise, there are gobs of other features that give it competitive mileage over its competitors including :

  • No redundancy
  • Minimized overhead
  • Fast implementation and low TCO
  • Fast estimation – Quick inputs, intelligent process steps and process oriented approach
  • Unique all-in-one package for standard implementation

ODOO Relationship Since 2010 

Original ODOO project begin with TinyERP as an Open Source project under GPL and gradually license keep changed. Fabian given framework development to Indian people who keep upgrade version by version, feature by feature. 

Now ODOO at most stable level compare to other version.

Our Founder have worked as core team member and have great joinery with ODOO founder. 

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