XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP for the manufacturing industry addresses the evolving demands of customers, the need for legal compliance, competitive challenges, and the intricate tasks of planning and managing raw materials. This ERP solution by XAMTA INFOTECH offers scalability, rich features, customization flexibility, and rapid implementation to meet the specific needs of the manufacturing sector.

The production management system designed by XAMTA INFOTECH supports a variety of manufacturing and assembly processes, catering to both discrete and process manufacturers.

Key Challenges Without XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP Software For Manufacturing Industry:

Struggling with business challenges for growth and profitability.

Need to reduce production and supply chain costs.

Improving process efficiencies and product quality.

Meeting evolving customer demands and regulatory requirements.

Keeping up with customer expectations in a competitive landscape.

Optimizing manufacturing processes for increased agility and efficiency.

Key Industry Requirements Without XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP For Manufacturing:

Resource Planning – Efficient planning of all manufacturing enterprise resources.

Production – Flexible Bill of Materials, Quality Control, Engineering Change Control, Production Schedule Control, etc.

Plant Maintenance – Stock Movement, Procurement of Raw Materials, Quality Checks, Dispatch Management.

Cost Control – Financial Audit, Cost Reporting & Control, Compliance with laws.

XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP Solution For Manufacturing – Functional Areas:

Sales & Distribution:

Lead Management

Order Management

Order Dispatch

After-Sales Service

Customer Portal

Inventory & Procurement:

Stock Planning

Stock Management

Inventory Audit

Sourcing & Purchasing



Production & Quality Management:

Bill of Materials


Work Order Management

Quality Management

Manufacturing Analysis

Finance & Accounting:

Receivables & Payables

Fixed Assets

Bank & Cash

Budgeting & Forecasting

Management Accounting

Bookkeeping & Closure

Consolidation & Reporting

Human Resources:

Workforce Management


Talent Management

Employee Development

Payroll & Benefits

Business Benefits Of XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP For Manufacturing:

Automate & Streamline Business Processes:

Streamlines key business processes in the entire supply chain.

Reduces dependency on manual processes for enhanced accountability and transparency.

Strategic Decision Making:

Utilizes business intelligence tools for strategic planning.

Provides an all-around view and tracking of business forecasts, budget performance, and resource allocation.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction:

Ensures timely delivery of high-quality orders.

Provides easy customer assistance for order management.

Enhance Productivity:

Promotes collaboration across business verticals.

Increases versatility for processing changes with real-time information.

Gain Knowledge Into Costs and Process Productivity:

Analyzes and manages production schedules with reporting tools.

Provides insights into costs and process productivity.

Improve Customer Service:

Enhances the security and reliability of deliveries.

Automates sales and purchasing operations for efficiency.

Reduce Operating Costs:

Decreases overall operational costs through automation.

Lowers transportation costs through consolidated orders.

Control & Streamline Inventory:

Utilizes a double-entry inventory management system for improved forecasting.

Implements effective return authorization management.

Financial Control:

Provides better visibility into business drivers for cost and revenue.

Enhances reporting delivery with dashboards and ad hoc analysis tools.

Facilitates corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

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