Features of Odoo Hospital Management System by XAMTA INFOTECH

In today's context, hospitals and healthcare institutions play a pivotal role in society. From maintaining patient records to managing tools and infrastructure, healthcare involves a complex array of tasks to deliver quality services to citizens. However, manual management of these tasks can significantly increase expenditure. Odoo ERP for hospital management comes into play by automating and simplifying tasks such as recordkeeping of patient details, invoice generation, financial statement drafting, staff schedule and performance tracking, and the generation/importing/emailing of patient reports. At XAMTA INFOTECH, a provider of customized Odoo development services, we empower hospitals to efficiently execute tasks and maintain accurate records. Let's explore some key features of the hospital management system.

Key Features of Odoo Hospital Management System

  1. Record Patient Details: XAMTA INFOTECH's Odoo Hospital Management System ensures the existence of a centralized database for patient information. A customer profile is generated when a new patient visits the hospital. Once patient details are inputted, this profile is updated with consultations, checks, diagnoses, reports, prescriptions, and incurred costs. It also maintains a record of prior and future appointments for the convenience of healthcare professionals and patients.

  2. Neo-Natal Patient Record: Specialized care is required for newborn infants, and their records differ from an average patient. The system captures data such as weight, time and date of birth, health status, father's details, mother's details, and the complete care package for the initial months, including vaccinations.

  3. Lab Test Requests and Results: The Odoo Hospital Management System facilitates the submission of lab test requests and the retrieval of test results. It allows management to access, identify, and communicate the status of tests to patients.

  4. Invoicing: Odoo automates the generation of invoices and keeps track of all invoicing, payments, and dues for all customer profiles.

  5. Manage Appointments:XAMTA INFOTECH's Odoo enables patients to book appointments online and simplifies the registration of appointments booked through the call center into the database. It can also be programmed to notify patients and healthcare professionals about upcoming appointments.

   In summary, Odoo, as implemented by XAMTA INFOTECH, streamlines and enhances hospital management. It facilitates the management of patient data, diagnostic tests,       and intensive neonatal care, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

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