Odoo Integration with Google AdWords

Google AdWords, the paid online advertising service by Google, enables advertisers to showcase brief ads, product listings, service offerings, and video content within the Google Ad network to online users.

Given that individuals use specific keywords when searching for products or services on the Internet, digital marketers strategically incorporate these keywords into their online advertisements. When users input similar keywords in their searches, the ads appear at the top of the screen. Clicking on the link directs users to a landing page or website, where they can provide necessary information. When Google AdWords is integrated with OdooCRM, crucial user information is automatically shared with Odoo. Odoo then assigns the lead to the relevant individual or department based on factors like geographical region, area of expertise, gender, etc.

With just a click on an advertisement, an inquisitive user can become a lead, thanks to the impressive capabilities of Odoo. XAMTA INFOTECH's skilled engineers, known for their perfection, have successfully integrated Google AdWords with Odoo, leading to remarkable progress for many clients.

Internet surfing is not confined to PCs; a significant number of users browse on smartphones and tablets. When integrated with Odoo, Google AdWords captures information when a user clicks to call a number from a mobile search result. This real-time sharing of information with Odoo allows for immediate routing to the concerned person or department.

Integration with Odoo ensures that leads generated through Google AdWords can be easily followed up, providing users with pertinent information that has already been captured in Odoo. This amalgamation benefits both advertisers and potential customers. Advertisers gain insights into visitor information, allowing them to make meaningful propositions during follow-ups. Visitors are contacted at the right time by the right person, increasing the likelihood of conversion. This approach ensures that visitors receive relevant information tailored to their needs.

The integration of Google AdWords with Odoo proves to be a powerful tool for digital marketers, expanding their company's online reach and contributing to business success. Companies integrating Odoo with Google AdWords have experienced a significant increase in the sales of their products and services, enhancing their ability to connect with potential customers effectively.

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