XAMTA INFOTECH offers an advanced Indian Payroll Software equipped with all the necessary compliances, reports, and features suitable for a diverse range of businesses.

Key Features of XAMTA INFOTECH Indian Payroll Software:

Innovative Salary Structure: Utilize a robust, in-built engine to manage Indian Salary Rules. Modify current rules effortlessly to generate new structures on the fly.

Contract Management: Efficiently manage employee contracts, capturing detailed salary structures, special rules, and attributes directly linked with the employee.

Investment Declaration: Allow employees to declare their investments at the beginning of the year. Enable them to review and update declarations before the year-end to ensure accurate TDS deduction in their payslips.

Integrated with Attendance & Leave: Seamlessly integrate with the Attendance & Leave Management module to fetch paid days and leave encashment amounts, ensuring accurate payroll processing.

Loans, Salary Advance & Overtime: Optional plugins are available to manage loans, salary advances, or overtime. These are directly integrated with payroll to account for them in the employee payslip.

Flexible Payroll Processing: Process payroll either by batch or individually based on preferences. Batches can be generated according to departments, projects, or locations.

Payroll Compliance: Automatically generate necessary statutory reports required in India, including Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Funds, and more.

Payroll Reports: Access flexible payroll reports for in-depth analysis, categorized by department, allowances, deductions, and periods. Examples include Muster Roll, Salary Register, Bank Statement, etc.

Full & Final Settlement: Automatically compute various entitlements for employees leaving the company, including unpaid salary, yearly bonus, reimbursement balance, gratuity, and leave encasement.

Alerts & Notifications: Receive timely alerts and notifications for urgent activities, follow-ups, and MIS reports, ensuring efficient and error-free payroll management.

XAMTA INFOTECH's Indian Payroll Software streamlines the payroll process, enhances compliance adherence, and provides a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

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