Similar to various other sectors, the Manufacturing Industry is not immune to the transformative impact of Odoo. It offers compelling solutions to professionals, empowering them to efficiently overcome challenges. A training program focused on Odoo's application in the Manufacturing Industry has the potential to significantly enhance both individual and organizational performance.


This modular course is specifically tailored for IT Managers in the Manufacturing Industry seeking insights into Odoo's functionality and its implementation within their organizations. The course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Odoo features, fostering a general grasp of the software.

Duration – 6 Days


Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

• Acquire proficiency in the Odoo Client Interface.

• Engage with the software on a daily basis.

• Set up the Odoo system with appropriate Manufacturing modules and access rights.

• Manage major enterprise processes using Odoo.

• Grasp the functional concepts of the Manufacturing Industry.

• Configure the software using standard modules.


A fundamental knowledge of Enterprise Management and the Manufacturing Industry is sufficient for participation and deriving benefits from the training program.

To maximize participant benefits, the course is structured into six days. Each day covers essential concepts related to the manufacturing industry in the context of Odoo. The initial day focuses on Database Setup, CRM, and Sales Management. Trainers encourage active participation, ensuring that any doubts related to the concepts are promptly addressed. The second day delves into crucial topics such as purchase, equipment, and inventory. The third day explores the optimization and automation of Manufacturing & Repair tasks. For accounting and finance professionals, the fourth day is particularly beneficial, offering insights into accomplishing tasks effortlessly with Odoo. The fifth day caters to HR professionals, providing a detailed discussion on the "Human Resources" module. The concluding day guides participants through the configuration process and administrator functions. The six-day training program aims to equip participants with unparalleled competencies to navigate the Odoo environment and propel their companies to new heights.

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