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How To Choose The Right Odoo ERP Consultant?

by XAMTA INFOTECH Odoo consultants - June 2, 2022

Large, expensive ERP failures make for attention-grabbing headlines, but project misfires can typically be prevented by working with an independent consulting agency. Experienced Odoo ERP consultants mitigate risk and ensure software projects fit neatly into every client’s unique enterprise processes. However, it’s crucial for manufacturers and distributors to select the acceptable partner to realize ERP success. Any agency can sell software, but the actual test comes in executing the software consistent with your specific needs, budget, and timeline. We’ve compiled 5 of the most important concerns for selecting the right ERP advisor.

Criteria for Odoo ERP Consultant Selection

Your software consulting agency should demonstrate expertise in the following areas:

  1. Business Processes
    Business processes outline your organization. Therefore, when a value-added reseller fails to provide relevant use cases or show past examples of how their solutions have improved processes just like your own, these are certain signs that the agency isn’t a match for your project. Only meet with consultants who’ve a reputation for working inside your industry — these are the specialists who will perceive the nuances of your enterprise processes and how to align ERP to your operations.

  2. Implementation Best Practices
    Does the agency consistently launch new features and solutions that optimize visibility and productivity? Do they tout an in-depth, streamlined implementation methodology that includes software best practices? Are they certified Odoo ERP partners of leading ERP vendors? Do their employees demonstrate experience in software, IT, or your business? Software solutions and best practices constantly change, so you have to dig via the reseller’s website, employee LinkedIn profiles, press releases, and customer reviews to make sure they’ve a proven methodology and pursue continuous enchancment. Most importantly, meet with certified odoo ERP consultants in person to ask them about their solutions and services.

  3. Systems Integration
    Ideally, your Odoo ERP consultant won’t simply have experience in ERP. The key to maximizing ROI and effectivity in the trendy age is to integrate front and back-office systems. If you’re trying to connect CRM, eCommerce, or another front-end occasion along with your ERP immediately or years down the road, it’s essential to find a firm with integration experience. Rather than search multiple consultants for every project, you must discover a one-stop shop to serve as your partner for long-term software success. As a single touchpoint with a full understanding of your enterprise needs, this agency can help you execute projects shortly and accurately.

  4. Software Customization
    Truthfully, no ERP solution is one-size-fits-all. Most clients require custom fields and build-outs to assist their unique processes. However, this work provides risk to your project. That’s why companies should depend on an skilled consultant to care for customizations. Make sure your selected firm includes coding gurus who can execute these developments without delaying projects or jeopardizing your investment.

  5. Comprehensive Support
    One of the reasons why it’s advisable to work with a value-added reseller rather than immediately with a vendor is to receive tailored, complete support. During a project, your ERP consultant ought to be available every step of the way, from software selection to final deployment. They should talk with clients clearly and sometimes to ensure all needs are being met. Additionally, they must suppose beyond technical requirements to assist companies with training and change management. But Odoo ERP consultant shouldn’t take their leave after go-live. Make sure they supply on-going support, maintenance, and upgrades to maximize the lifetime of your solution. Ask for references to learn from previous clients if they provide high-level support.

Wrap Up

An ERP consulting firm should go above and past software implementations to function your associate in full-scale enterprise enhancements. That’s why it’s important to take the choice process severely. At XAMTA INFOTECH, we’ve swooped in to save several projects led astray by undedicated consultants or lacking expert support altogether. To be successful with ERP, work with consultants from the beginning.

As an Odoo partner, XAMTA INFOTECH is a leading ERP consulting agency. For over 10 years, we’ve offered premier software solutions and companies for discrete producers and value-added distributors. We also specialize in CRM, eCommerce Automation, Manufacturing ERP, construction ERP, and integrations, making us a one-stop shop for all of your software needs.

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