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ODOO.Sh is most expensive hosting provider, you can track its costing via https://www.odoo.sh/pricing, Xamta Infotech hosting prices are most affordable, you can check pricing details here https://xamta.in/pricing-online-erp-on-cloud. Xamta ODOO Hosting provide location chosing facility, you can host server in USA or UK or ASIA based location as well, We helps to configure all cloudflare configuration. 

As well Xamta Infotech ODOO Hosting helps you manage cutting edge implemenation to reduce cost of ODOO Enterprise Users, In case you business need to use free unlimited users with community and inline tranform data to enterprise edtion within same server possible.


$ 400.00+

/ month
  • 4 Worker
  • ODOO Enteprrise Edition
  • git support
  • support ticket on priority based
  • Most complicated to Manage
  • Additional Cost to hire odoo.sh engineer, 800$ montly

Xamta ODOO Hosting

$ 79.00+ / month

  • 4 Core CPU, 8 Worker
  • ODOO Enteprrise Edition
  • git support
  • support ticket on priority based
  • Most Easy to manage
  • No additional Cost, Free support
  • Testing Environment Supprot
  • Staging Environment Support
  • All third party apps deployment
  • Any Level Of Customization Support
  • Audit Trial IP Based Security inbuild for community and Enterprise, app free
  • Xamta Infotech Apps Free of Cost to Use
  • Googele Merchat App Free
  • Quickbook Integration App Free
  • Small Customization Free

ODOODedicated History

Worked with ODOO S.A. with founders and core team

Version 5.0 desktop application core framework development, offshore team, upgrade framework.


Worked with core framework team and offshore with ODOO 6.0


Worked with core framework team and offshore with ODOO 7.0


Worked with core framework team and offshore with ODOO 8.0


Started ODOO Implementation in USA, UK at Major


Big Success ODOO Implementation in Malaysia  


Major Covered ODOO implementation in Saudi, Dubai and Cambodia  


More deployment in US, UK, Australia


Started to cover market in India and have successful to automate many businesses


Biggest success to implement ODOO in Government


Tuning ODOO at max level for FinTech business, UK


Enable Banking and Accounting platform and Automation for startup in UK


Implemented ODOO in biggest manufacturing business


Major industries covered to serve across the world. Dedicated relation in UK, US, Asia


Biggest success marketing across the world, ODOO partner with many companies, NGO, Retail, Government. Growing Network and Relation across the world.

Since 2013 serving global clients, [email protected] contact us | ERP Implementor in government and industries, banking, NGO, aviation
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