Chat Application Server and Client Using Kafka


For kafka beginners, Here is best an example

Certainly! Here's an example of how you can implement a basic chat application using Apache Kafka in Python for both the server and client sides. Before running the code, make sure you have Apache Kafka installed and running.

### Kafka Server (producer) Code:

from kafka import KafkaProducer
import time

# Kafka producer configuration
producer = KafkaProducer(bootstrap_servers='localhost:9092')

# Function to send messages to the 'chat' topic
def send_message(username, message):
    producer.send('chat', f'{username}: {message}'.encode('utf-8'))

# Example usage
while True:
    username = input("Enter your name: ")
    message = input("Enter your message: ")
    send_message(username, message)
    time.sleep(1)  # Optional: add a delay between sending messages

### Kafka Client (consumer) Code:

from kafka import KafkaConsumer

# Kafka consumer configuration
consumer = KafkaConsumer('chat', bootstrap_servers='localhost:9092', group_id='chat-group')

# Function to receive and print messages from the 'chat' topic
def receive_messages():
    for message in consumer:

# Run the client to listen for messages
if __name__ == '__main__':

In the server code, the `send_message` function sends messages to the 'chat' topic. In the client code, the `receive_messages` function continuously listens for new messages on the 'chat' topic and prints them.

Remember to replace `'localhost:9092'` with the appropriate Kafka broker address if it's different in your setup.

To run the chat application:

1. Start Kafka server: `$KAFKA_HOME/bin/ $KAFKA_HOME/config/`

2. Run the Kafka producer (server) and consumer (client) Python scripts.

Now you have a basic Kafka-based chat application running, where the server and clients communicate via the 'chat' topic. Adjustments and enhancements can be made based on your specific requirements.

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