Kafka Asyncio Producer

By Xamta Infotech

To create an asyncio Kafka producer in Python, you can use the aiokafka library, which provides asynchronous support for Apache Kafka. First, make sure to install the library if you haven't already:

pip install aiokafka

Here's an example of an asyncio Kafka producer using aiokafka:

import asyncio
from aiokafka import AIOKafkaProducer

async def produce_kafka_message():
    producer = AIOKafkaProducer(
        bootstrap_servers='localhost:9092',  # Replace with your Kafka broker address

    await producer.start()

        # Produce a message to the 'test' topic
        topic = 'test'
        message = 'Hello, Kafka!'
        await producer.send_and_wait(topic, message.encode())
        print(f"Produced message: {message}")
        await producer.stop()

# Run the asyncio event loop
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

In this example, replace 'localhost:9092' with the address of your Kafka broker. The code creates an AIOKafkaProducer instance, sends a message to the 'test' topic, and then stops the producer. The event loop runs until the message is produced.

Make sure your Kafka broker is running and accessible from the machine where you run this code.

Remember that asyncio code requires Python 3.6 or above due to the async and await syntax.

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