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Printer Integration

Xamta Infotech provide all kind of integration related to printer. It might all printer does not support PDF. It's challenge to us any printer in business. so xamta infotech provide different solution so onsite, offsite printer can be integrate with existing software.

Like ODOO printer integration with ZPL, Fiscal Printer, etc. We helps business to smoother their operational process.

PF88 Fiscal Printer Simulator

Rest-api usage example.

The commands are the ascii character according to the protocol manual.

For example.. Report X is command 0x39, which is the asctii character 9

The requirements are sent in the form

Where is the IP of the printer which can be set by the router or on the printer.

9:X is the command 0x39 with parameter X and : is the field separator.

Example to open generate an invoice:{ //open drawer // open invoice de papa:1500:750:1600:M // emits line Text // Tax Text //closes invoice with IGTV of 10 bs paid in currency

You can also send multiple commands separated by pipe (|){|@:name:rif:::::M:|N:product:1000:1000:1600:M|E:U:5000

PF88 Fiscal Printer

Product Specification

PNP Fiscal Protocol HERE Github Example HERE

The 0x1F separator is replaced by ':' and multiple commands separated by '|'

Open Drawer: 0x7B = ascii '{'{|

Report _

_ _

Tax Document

Invoice Open: 0x40 = ascii '@', parameters: Company name (39), Rif(12)... @:Test Name:RifTest

Row: 'B', parameters: Description (20), Quantity (5.3) ,Price U(10.2),VAT(4.2),Qualifier (M/D) B:Product:1000:1000:1600:M

Text: 0x41 = ascii 'A', parameters: Text(39) A:Tax text test

Close 'E', parameters: (A,T,B,U),IGTF(10.2) Response: Fac Quantity Issued:Fac Counter:Cont NC:IGTF Credit Note, same as invoice but add parameters: @:RazSocial:

Rif :NumFac:Serial:Date:time:D Example: Issue credit note

E:U:1000 Total with IGTF

E:T Total without IGTF

E:A Partial without IGTF

E:B:1000 Partial with IGTF

Non-Tax Document:

Open: 0x48 = 'H'

Text line: 'I', parameters: Text(39)... ?I:Text non-fiscal text

Close: 'J'


Sub Total: 0x43 = 'C' Answer: invoice values. See manual.

Fiscal Status: 0x38 '8', parameters: Type (See Manual)...

Test invoice: @|B:Product:1000:100:1600|E:U:300

Test invoice II: @|B:Product:1000:100:1600|E:B:300|A:Additional text|E :T

No Fiscal Test:|I:Test text NF|J

The endpoint of the printers is http://ip_impresora/Q?

jQuery call $.get( " );

// report

_ ERROR x if there is an error, or the fields specified in the protocol manual separated by ':'. All fields are integers of variable length.

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