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Since 2010, 10+ Year ODOO Dedicated Team 

Original ODOO project begin with TinyERP as an Open Source project under GPL and gradually license keep changed. Fabian given framework development to Indian people who keep upgrade version by version, feature by feature. 

Now ODOO at most stable level compare to other version.

Our Founder have worked as core team member and have great joinery with ODOO founder. 

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15+ Years experienced ODOO team happy to serve you.

Rescue a failing Odoo ERP Implementation with a capable team!

Is your Odoo ERP Implementation team performing appropriately? Great! No need to worry even if they are not doing it as per your requirements. If there is a problem in the middle, we are here to help. We have a committed project rescue team to providing all necessary support to the clients for completing their projects. The ERP consultants bring back the project on board with minimum impact on the current project budget and timetable. These consultants are skilled and highly efficient. So, get in touch with our ERP Consultant in Noida team and discuss the pain areas. You are advised to share all the distressed areas of your ongoing implementation.

Potential Problems

  • Vendor lock-in makes you dependent on that vendor.
  • There is a technical issue during real-time project execution.
  • Your implementation team is not competent enough.
  • ERP implementation approach does not suit your business priorities.
  • Pre-defiled system design or business blueprinting is not considered good.
  • Wrong Project Governance Structure.
  • Poor project Management.
  • Quality assurance is not up to the mark.
  • Technical and functional documentation of project development is not properly done.
  • Flawed Odoo ERP Project development and implementation effort estimation
  • No proper project change procedures.
  • Their pre-defiled system does not suit the key pain areas in your company.

Our Troubleshooting

  • We have prepared all sorts of working parameters for avoiding vendor lock-in so that we can solve the purpose of being open-source.
  • ERP consultants do the resource planning before starting the project and check the resource availability every month.
  • ERP professionals maintain the continuity of the Odoo Implementation project. 
  • Our training team trains existing teams or allocates capable resources in place if training of existing teams is not possible. 
  • The APAGEN ERP Team knows ERP implementation starts when the coding and development part is over and ensures that.
  • System blueprinting and design require 80% and coding with QA requires just 20% of the project.
  • So, if the system design is improper, we stop all ongoing developments and do system re-engineering.
  • ERP Consultant in Noida deploys project governance structure before kicking off any project.
  • We start a project with required heads like Sponsorship and Steering comity to avoid any mismanagement during execution. 
  • We structure project management as per the project size, budget, resources, and methodology in our internal ERP system.
  • This enterprise introduces new testing procedures if existing ones are not in place during implementation. 
  • APAGEN has technical and functional documentation procedures which are to be revised if are not in place as per standard. 
  • Skilled consultants do project re-estimation if the initial estimation is inappropriate.
  • Project re-estimation happens when the vendor shows attractive rates without correct estimation. 
  • APAGEN finds troubleshooting techniques for the issues by analyzing the way the vendor is providing services. 
  • Our team introduces proper project change procedures if the existing one has Documentation, Design, Code, or Access rights.

Contact us for free of cost consult your project

15+ Years experienced ODOO team happy to serve you.


Unique design of Odoo ERP enables you to customize all aspects of the application with ease. You can swimmingly modify and extend the data model, the workflows, the reports, the views, the security model to adapt it/ or extend it to the specificity of each company.


The functional scope of Odoo ERP includes, CRM, sales, warehouse management, project management, finances and accounting, manufacturing, human resources, and more. More than thousand modules are available, some certified by Odoo/openerp S.A., some published by the community

It is affordable

Odoo, editor of Odoo, publishes the software under the AGPL license and is committed to open source.


An Odoo ERP application consists of modules. A customer can embark on a limited functional scope with only a few modules and later extend the application to cope with the growth of the company or integrate additional business workflows.

It is open source

Odoo, editor of Odoo, publishes the software under the AGPL license and is committed to open source.

Huge Community

In the frame of odoo opensource business management software we have a large community for continuous odoo development. odoo's opensource community is contributing their code and the number of developers we have in this community is more then 400k.

Dedicated ODOO Implementer since version 5.0 to latest version.  

Since 2010 we working with ODOO, our journey started with ODOO version 5.0. We work on all ODOO version, either community or enterprise.

Special dedicate team who worked with ODOO core framework with ODOO S.A and founder with ODOO. We are excellent with odoo,

  • ODOO Functional
  • ODOO Technical
  • ODOO Core Framework
  • Varying version of ODOO
  • Right way implementation of ODOO
  • Community and Enterprise implementation at cost effective way