Trends in construction industry – Functional Training

Odoo has extended its application into the Construction Industry, and mastering the effective use of Odoo’s Construction Management System can provide a distinct competitive advantage over industry competitors. Recognizing this, XAMTA INFOTECH offers functional training tailored to the trends in the construction industry, equipping participants with the knowledge required for efficient utilization of Odoo's Construction Management system. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of all Odoo functionalities relevant to the Construction Industry.


This modular course is designed for IT Managers in the Construction Industry seeking an enhanced functional understanding of Odoo and its implementation within their organizations. The course offers an overview of Odoo features, fostering a general understanding of the software.

Duration – 6 Days


Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

• Engage with the software on a daily basis.

• Utilize Odoo for managing all major enterprise processes.

• Configure the software using standard modules.

• Comprehend all aspects of Odoo's client interface.

• Set up the Odoo system with the appropriate Construction modules and access rights.

• Apply general system administrator settings.

• Understand the functional concepts of Construction Management in the industry.


A basic knowledge of Enterprise Management and the Construction Industry is sufficient for enrollment.

The training program unfolds over six days, covering various aspects. The first day delves into Bidding & Tendering, CRM, and Database Setup. On the second day, participants explore Purchase, Inventory, and Equipments. The third day introduces the concept of projects and operations, while the fifth day is dedicated to an in-depth discussion of all aspects of Human Resources. The final day of the training program focuses on Configuration and Administrative functions.

In essence, after completing the training session, participants will acquire the skills to effectively use Odoo in the construction industry, streamlining all processes.

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