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by XAMTA INFOTECH Odoo Consultants - June 14, 2022

Odoo consulting company: What are the advantages?

To ensure the success of the Odoo implementation project and to derive the most benefit from the Odoo software, we recommend leveraging our business expertise and support services to our clients.

Even though Odoo ERP is user-friendly and intuitive, it is crucial to set it up appropriately to align with the company’s needs.

The role of an Odoo consulting company is to assist firms in all phases of the implementation of their enterprise management software: defining needs, software configuration, data migration, user training, and support. Consultants are here to enhance your profitability and provide valuable assistance.

Odoo Consultants: Who Are They?

Our Odoo consultants typically hold a master’s in computer science and/or business management. They possess experience with various software and are adept at enhancing the business strategy of our clients. Odoo ERP Consultants work with new technology solutions.

Consultants are well-versed in Odoo solutions and have deployed numerous Odoo ERP solutions. They understand your needs, define requirements, and offer advice to boost your productivity.

Consultants regularly communicate with clients about current or new business needs. They can engage with a CEO, a VP of Sales, VP of Operations, or any other contact.

Odoo Consultant: What Are Their Skills?

An Odoo consultant must have four specific skills:

  1. Odoo Technical Skills:Even if not an Odoo developer, it is essential that the consultant understands how the Odoo system works.
  2. Functional Abilities: An Odoo consultant should have knowledge in various fields like accounting, sales, CRM, inventory, purchase, HR, and ecommerce. This is crucial as the consultant must help improve the business process and define your enterprise needs.
  3. Great Communication: Clear communication is the key to the success of an Odoo implementation project. The Odoo consultant should communicate expectations and timelines clearly with the client.
  4. Great Method: An Odoo consultant should have excellent organizational skills.

How To Choose An Odoo ERP Consultant?

The selection of the Odoo consultant is crucial for the successful implementation of Odoo and the growth of your enterprise.

The criteria to consider for the best Odoo consultant include:

  • The experience of the Odoo consultant
  • The consultant's knowledge in various fields such as accounting, inventory, ecommerce, CRM, and sales.
  • The types of companies supported by the consultant
  • The Odoo developers available for the Odoo project
  • The consultant's availability to rapidly execute the Odoo project based on your project needs.

The Consultant will handle your ERP Implementation based on:

  • His/Her expertise in ERP Fully integrated
  • The project management methodology used by his company

XAMTA INFOTECH, Odoo Partner, Elevates Your Enterprise

XAMTA INFOTECH is an expert in Odoo consulting and has been assisting companies since 2007 with their CRM and ERP projects, utilizing Odoo and other enterprise management software.

As an Odoo partner, XAMTA INFOTECH has the best project management methodology to implement Odoo in companies and enhance their productivity.

XAMTA INFOTECH intervenes to define needs, configure Odoo, make additional developments if needed, train users, and provides rigorous and responsive Odoo customer support.

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