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The Odoo CRM module is designed to support sales teams in intelligently managing inquiries, opportunities, leads, phone calls, and emails. It streamlines essential tasks such as identification, communication, assignment, prioritization, resolution, and notification within the CRM application.

Key Features:

1. Trace Leads & Opportunities: Efficiently manage sales teams, sales funnels, and monitor the progress of leads and opportunities up to the sales order.

2. Sales Team: Organize sales into different teams, sales executives, and categories for enhanced analysis and management. Facilitates forecasting and calculation of sales performance.

3. Sales Activities: Schedule sales activities like phone calls, proposals, or meetings, linking them with relevant leads and opportunities for quick follow-up.

4. Social Media Integrations: Enhance Odoo CRM by integrating with platforms such as Justdial, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, VOIP Telephony, and more.

5. Plan Meetings & Phone Calls: Simplify the time-consuming follow-up process with Odoo CRM. Share calendars of meetings, sales tasks, call logs, etc.

6. Acquire Leads: Odoo CRM provides website integration forms, an email gateway, and plugins for generating leads through web services.

7. Run Marketing Campaigns: Automate lead processing through marketing campaigns that handle emails or paper mails.

8. Real-time Statistics: Utilize the Odoo CRM business intelligence engine for precise forecasts of sales activities. Flexible reporting options with pivot and graphical views, including various filters and groups.

9. Helpdesk: Track complaints, inquiries, and issues in an easily manageable Helpdesk Module. Keep tabs on tickets with status updates to ensure a positive customer interaction.

10. Alerts & Notifications: Receive timely alerts and notifications for urgent activities, follow-ups, MIS reports, or inactivity on leads.

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