XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP for the newspaper industry, specifically the Print Media ERP Solution, is tailor-made for the media sector. This solution is designed to address key challenges faced by the industry, covering areas such as advertisement sales, space inventory, circulation management, subscription management, procurement & inventory, finance, and HR. With a user-friendly interface and tightly integrated business modules, XAMTA INFOTECH ERP ensures a high level of efficiency in managing day-to-day tasks for media companies. The ERP features and functions are specifically crafted to meet the demands of the media and entertainment industry. XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP system is a specialized program that offers integrated solutions for planning, controlling, registering, and analyzing all aspects of a company's activities in real-time.

Why XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP for the Media Industry – Key Challenges:

Real-time visibility of space inventory to sales executives leading to delayed sales confirmation processes

Real-time order booking to avoid delays in order confirmation & delivery

Flexibility in providing rescheduling in case of missed orders

Distribution inefficiencies due to inaccurate or delayed orders

XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP for the Media Industry – Solution:

CRM & Sales

Lead Management

Order Management

Order Dispatch

After-Sales Service

Customer Portal

Inventory & Procurement

Stock Planning

Stock Management

Inventory Audit

Sourcing & Purchasing



Printing & Distribution

Printing Press



Human Resources

Workforce Management


Talent Management

Employee Development

Payroll & Benefits

Finance & Accounting

Receivables & Payables

Fixed Assets

Bank & Cash

Budgeting & Forecasting

Management Accounting

Bookkeeping & Closure

Consolidation & Reporting

Odoo ERP Solution (ERP For Newspaper Industry) For CRM & Sales:

Lead Management

Track prospects from the enquiry stage to closure, engaging effectively for lasting relationships.

Analyze lead quality and pipeline parameters.

Set controls and automated actions for opportunity management.

Order Management

Streamline the order process for timely order confirmation & delivery.

Customer Portal

Enhance customer interaction through a dedicated portal.

Odoo ERP Solution For Creative & Scheduling:

Creative Briefs

Create customer briefs for various needs.

Model proposals according to customer briefs.

Script Management

Efficiently manage scripts for various media projects.

Traffic & Scheduling

Streamline traffic and scheduling operations.

Odoo ERP Solution For Finance:

Receivables & Payables

View open receivables & payables based on periods and partners.

Process payments with manual or automatic reconciliations.

Fixed Assets

Manage fixed assets effectively.

Bank & Cash

Handle banking and cash transactions.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Plan and forecast budgets effectively.

Management Accounting

Perform comprehensive management accounting.

Bookkeeping & Closure

Streamline bookkeeping and closure processes.

Consolidation & Reporting

Generate consolidated and detailed reports.

Odoo ERP Solution For Human Resources:

Workforce Management

Essential for maintaining workforce efficiency.

Recruitment Management

Streamline recruitment processes.

Talent Management

Manage talent effectively.

Payroll & Benefits

Efficient payroll processing.

Business Benefits Of XAMTA INFOTECH's ERP For Media Industry:

Automate & Streamline Business Processes

Strategic Decision Making

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Enhance Productivity

Reduce Operating Costs

Financial Control via ERP for Newspaper Industry

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