In the ever-evolving landscape of global pharmacies, where healthcare facilities are advancing and becoming more affordable, maintaining relevance is crucial. Adaptation to the healthcare ecosystem and consumer buying behavior is imperative for sustained success. Pharmacies face challenges in trade laws, stock management, and customer loyalty, necessitating continuous efforts to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Industry Challenges

  1. Real-time Inventory Updates

    • Many solutions update inventory based on sold items once a day, which is acceptable for a single store. However, for multi-channel sales, real-time updates are crucial.
  2. Inventory Synchronization

    • Proper synchronization is essential for entering new items into the system, preventing a repetitive nightmare across sales channels.
  3. Multiple Payment Methods Support

    • To stay competitive, pharmacy solutions must support various online payment methods, including credit/debit cards, cash, gift cards, chip cards, and reward points.
  4. Customer Database

    • Advanced customer database capabilities, such as detailed profiles, import/export features, loyalty programs, and a unified database for all sales channels, set a pharmacy apart.

Key Industry Requirements

Pharmacy Billing

  • Touchscreen-friendly Point of Sales (POS) application for full-fledged billing.
  • Integration with barcode systems for quick invoice generation and medicine dispensing.


  • Customized Item Master to define drug details.
  • Minimum stock rules for automated procurement.
  • Purchase control through hierarchical approval processes.

Stock Management

  • Multiple locations in a parent-child relationship.
  • Quality checks at receipts and deliveries.
  • Reports and alarms for drugs expiring soon.
  • Management of batches and lots with barcode integration.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Omni-channel experience for customers.
  • Detailed customer master with sales history.
  • Automated mailers for sales promotions based on customer preferences.
  • Loyalty programs to encourage repeat purchases.

Our (Odoo ERP For Pharmacy) Solution For POS & Store Management

  • Order Management
  • Order Dispatch
  • Customer Portal

Our (Odoo ERP For Pharmacy) Solution For Purchase & Stock

  • Stock Planning
  • Stock Management
  • Inventory Audit
  • Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Receipts

Our (Odoo ERP For Pharmacy) Solution For Customer Relationship Management

  • Provide an Omni-channel Experience
  • Understand your Target Market
  • Create & Monitor Promo Offers
  • Create Loyalty Programs
  • Offer Gift Cards

Our (Odoo ERP For Pharmacy) Solution For Finance

  • Receivables & Payables
  • Fixed Assets
  • Bank & Cash
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Management Accounting
  • Bookkeeping & Closure
  • Consolidation & Reporting

Business Benefits Of The Odoo ERP For Pharmacy

  1. Gain Transparency & Accountability

    • Identify key performance indicators quickly.
    • Automatically update databases.
    • Generate accurate sales reports.
    • Track inventory control.
    • Improve accounting with real-time insights.
    • Track sales, product, and promo performance.
  2. Grow Your Drugstores with Automation

    • Pharmacy ERP software enhances process efficiencies.
    • Integrates various functions such as accounts, finance, and human resources.
    • Optimizes back-end operations like payroll and inventory management.

Solution At A Glance

  • Point of Sale (POS)

    • Easy to set up and use, compatible with various devices.
    • Integrated with stock, accounting, and other Odoo apps.
    • Flexible payment methods and split payment options.
    • Engage customers with loyalty programs.
  • Handling Multiple Tickets

    • Suitable for various businesses, enabling multiple tickets in parallel.
  • Blazing Quick Search

    • Efficient barcode-enabled search for products.
  • Bill Splitting

    • Split order payment into multiple orders for customer convenience.
  • No Special Hardware

    • Compatible with standard devices like desktop PCs, tablets, and laptops.
  • User Privileges

    • Customizable access rights and rules for system control.
  • eCommerce Compatible

    • Fully compatible with Odoo e-commerce, streamlining multi-channel business.
  • Order Notes

    • Attach notes to orders for tracking special requests.
  • Cash Float

    • Monitor cash register adjustments and staff changes.
  • Barcode Support

    • Works with most USB Barcode Scanners, supporting different scanning patterns.
  • Unlimited Products

    • No limit to the number or type of products that can be sold.
  • Industrial Touchscreen

    • Enables multi-sessions per user with separate configurations.
  • Multi Sessions

    • Supports multiple sessions simultaneously.
  • Track Trends with Real-time Data

    • Built-in POS sale detail reports for informed decision-making.
  • Print or Email Receipts

    • Option to email bills for an environmentally friendly approach.
  • Run POS in Offline Mode

    • Continues to operate even without internet connectivity, syncing data seamlessly when reconnected.

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