To streamline the tasks of Finance & Accounting professionals, XAMTA INFOTECH has introduced its finance ERP software (Finance & Accounts App), offering a range of functionalities from basic journal entry creation, budget management, analytic accounting to advanced business intelligence reports. XAMTA INFOTECH's accounting ERP is designed for maximum productivity and can adapt to the unique needs of any business, enhancing the overall performance of the Finance & Accounts department. With the XAMTA INFOTECH Finance & Accounts module, financial operations become a breeze, allowing you to record transactions with just a few clicks and manage all financial activities in one centralized location. Let's delve into the key features of the module to understand how it can elevate your business.

Key Features of XAMTA INFOTECH Finance ERP Software

Invoice Control:

Easily generate invoices by entering the necessary information and clicking print. Validate and control invoices without re-encoding.

Payment Tracking:

Effortlessly track invoices to pay, record customer and supplier payments, and automatically reconcile them.

Customers Follow-up:

Email or print follow-ups on invoices directly from XAMTA INFOTECH, facilitating automated and scheduled follow-ups for a comprehensive financial overview.

Easy Reconciliation:

Seamlessly reconcile invoices and payments using either manual reconciliation or the automated wizard.

Smart User Interface:

Boasting a user-friendly interface, XAMTA INFOTECH enables accountants to record a set of operations efficiently in just a few minutes.

Easy Payment Management:

Manage payments through bank interfaces, handle checks, and print checks with ease while reconciling invoices.

Integrated Analytic Accounting:

Integrate analytic accounting operations with projects, timesheets, invoices, warehouse management, and more.


Support for unlimited currencies with daily automatic updates of currency rates.


Obtain consolidated trial balances and real-time consolidated statistics for multiple companies.

Invoice Analysis:

Monitor key performance indicators and utilize reporting tools for in-depth performance analysis.

Dashboard & KPIs:

Access customizable real-time statistics with drill-up, drill-down, filter, and drill-across data.

Finance & Accounts professionals face numerous challenges, and even minor errors can have significant repercussions for the organization. With the implementation of XAMTA INFOTECH ERP software, these professionals can now complete tasks that once consumed a considerable amount of time in a matter of seconds. The implementation of XAMTA INFOTECH has eliminated factors that used to impede their performance, paving the way for increased efficiency.

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Schools & Colleges

Property Management

Advertising Agencies

HR Process Outsourcing Companies

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