Odoo For Construction Industry

by XAMTA INFOTECH Construction Industry September 3, 2021

Indeed, a survey has revealed that over half (56%) of Small and Medium Construction corporations have already embraced construction management software to make the lives of their builders and contractors a bit easier.

While there are several off-the-shelf Odoo solutions available for the Construction industry, many organizations find that such ready-made software often falls short. Consequently, more organizations are opting to develop custom-tailored construction management software to meet their specific requirements.

If you are considering acquiring your custom Odoo for Construction solutions, the first step is to start planning what that would entail. To get started, here are 7 essential features for construction management software.

  1. Bid Management & Financial Management
    The initial step for most construction projects is the bid, and your team is likely submitting multiple bids simultaneously. Keeping track of RFPs and submittals alone can become a juggling act over time. Manage this information through bid management software for time savings, increased productivity, and more detailed reporting. Also, track related financial data during the bid submission and approval process.

  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    After a bid is accepted and a new client is acquired, it's crucial to keep track of the client’s contact information, project-related details, and communications with them. A CRM system not only makes record-keeping and communication more manageable but also automates tasks to ensure client needs are met, providing a better customer experience.

  3. Project Management & Scheduling Management
    Once a client's project has started, developing timelines for your team and sub-contractors is essential. Project management software fosters improved collaboration, especially when team members are not on-site. Integrated with scheduling software, it allows project managers to assign tasks, develop comprehensive project plans, and share them with all stakeholders.

  4. Inventory Management & Equipment Management
    Construction projects involve significant amounts of materials and expensive equipment that need to be tracked, maintained, and distributed efficiently. Inventory and equipment management software simplifies searching and distributing materials while sending reminders for equipment location and maintenance.

  5. Document Management System (DMS)
    Construction projects generate a significant amount of paperwork, including financial documents, RFPs, submittals, and contracts. A cloud-based DMS eliminates the need for physical storage, saving time and costs associated with physical paperwork. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems like CRM or project management software.

  6. Communications Software
    Efficient communication is crucial for project progress. Communication software integrated with CRM or project management software can automate replies to clients, ensuring timely responses and preventing information from getting lost in various channels.

  7. Mobile Compatibility
    Construction projects often take place at different locations, and team members may not have immediate access to desktops or laptops. Cloud-based software with mobile compatibility ensures that project details and schedules can be accessed from any location and device.

Need a Custom Construction Management Software Solution?

While there are multiple ERP for Construction software options in the market, a custom software solution may be necessary to meet unique needs. At XAMTA INFOTECH, our team has over a decade of experience building operational software, providing small to enterprise-level organizations with Odoo for Construction solutions that deliver results.

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