XAMTA INFOTECH presents a comprehensive ten-day Odoo Functional Training Program designed to equip participants with in-depth knowledge of Odoo's usability and configuration. The course aims to empower attendees to maximize the potential of Odoo and become adept at utilizing its extensive features. Participants will gain proficiency in complete functional configurations and develop the skills to analyze fundamental data.

Target Audience for Odoo Functional Training:

This training program caters to partners, integrators, and end-users seeking a deeper functional understanding of Odoo. It provides an overview of Odoo ERP features, ensuring participants, regardless of their technical background, can comprehend how Odoo functions and efficiently execute tasks that were once considered cumbersome.

Training Duration: 10 days

Objectives of Odoo Functional Training: Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of how businesses operate.
  • Recognize the integration of businesses with ERP and the benefits for enterprise owners post-ERP implementation.
  • Configure the entire ERP according to business needs and usability.
  • Perform data migrations seamlessly.
  • Install and manage Odoo servers.
  • Conduct business process analysis effectively.
  • Gain expertise in integrating ERP with third-party software.

Key Training Highlights:

1. ERP and Related Technologies: Participants will learn to design a technical architecture for integrating ERP with other related technologies, addressing a significant challenge faced by ERP professionals.

2. ERP Implementation Lifecycle: The course covers the entire ERP implementation lifecycle, from planning to go-live and beyond, providing insights into various stages involved in successful ERP deployment.

3. ERP Modular Structure: Understanding the different ERP modules that constitute ERP software, with each module representing a major functional area of an organization.

4. Functional Concepts of Odoo: Participants will become proficient in running Odoo software and comprehensively understand its functional aspects.

5. Set up a new Odoo system: Upon completion of training, participants will be capable of setting up a new Odoo system as per client requirements, configuring appropriate access rights.

6. Administrator Functions: Participants will explore various administrative settings, including email setup, time zone setup, and language setup, enhancing their administrative capabilities.

Prerequisites for Odoo Functional Training: Basic knowledge of Enterprise Management is sufficient for attending the functional Odoo ERP training program. Participants should be familiar with the departments within a company and the crucial processes involved in their smooth functioning.

Training Program Breakdown: The ten-day program covers a range of concepts to enhance participants' capabilities, with each day dedicated to different aspects of Odoo functional training:

  • Day 1: Enterprise and Introduction to ERP
  • Day 2: ERP & Related Technologies and Data Management
  • Day 3: ERP Implementation Lifecycle
  • Day 4: ERP Modular Structure
  • Day 5: Database Setup, CRM, and Sales
  • Day 6: Purchase, Warehouse, and BI Tools
  • Day 7: Human Resources Concepts
  • Day 8: Accounting & Finance
  • Day 9: Website and E-Commerce
  • Day 10: Configuration

XAMTA INFOTECH's Odoo Functional Training Program provides a structured and detailed approach to ensure participants gain a holistic understanding of Odoo's functional aspects, enabling them to apply their knowledge effectively in real-world scenarios.

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