XAMTA INFOTECH's Healthcare ERP addresses the global struggle of healthcare providers to achieve two main objectives: quality patient care and cost reduction. Healthcare institutions are increasingly investing in upgrading their Odoo Hospital Management system to enhance patient care accessibility and quality. The primary motivations include reducing clinical errors and boosting healthcare providers' productivity.

The continuous influx of patients and evolving technologies necessitates the integration of patient databases with crucial information on employees and doctors. Real-time information on patients' diagnostic reports is crucial for doctors and clinicians to improve communication and enhance the effectiveness of treatments. Hospitals need automated solutions to integrate core services, support services, and back-office operations, thereby reducing operational costs and overheads. Streamlining information across various departments, including laboratory systems, radiology, pharmacy, picture archiving (PACS), electronic medical records (EMRs), and communication systems, is vital. Patients benefit from access to consolidated information for scheduling appointments and making prompt decisions.

Industry Challenges

  1. Adopting Better Practices:

    • Inducing professionalism and best practices due to increasing patient demands.
    • Keeping up with the latest technological trends to retain customer loyalty.
  2. Better Patient Care:

    • Measuring the quality of treatment through advanced technology.
    • Ensuring consistency in treatment standards across hospitals.
  3. Operational Costs:

    • Achieving collaboration among departments and centralizing information.
    • Reducing overheads across different departments.


XAMTA INFOTECH's Odoo Healthcare ERP offers extensive features to address core concerns in the healthcare industry. The Hospital Management System is a collection of healthcare-specific business process templates, focusing on patient care and efficiency.

Odoo Healthcare ERP Solution For Hospital Administration

  1. Electronic Medical Record:
    • Integrated patient viewer for a patient-focused view of clinical information.
  2. Patient Administration:
    • Maintenance Services
    • Helpdesk
    • Patient Billing
    • Compliance

Odoo Healthcare ERP Solution For Patient Care

  1. Coordination for Diagnostics and Treatment:
    • Making informed decisions in real time for patient care.
  2. Clinical Order and OR Management:
    • Mobile Electronic Medical Record
    • Patient Access
    • Healthcare Coding
    • Patient Billing

Odoo Healthcare ERP Solution For Procurement

  1. Procurement and Materials Management:

    • End-to-end sourcing and procurement through spend analysis, strategic sourcing, and contract management.
  2. Vendor Management:

Odoo Healthcare ERP Solution For Finance

  1. Manage Financial Performance:

    • Accurate insight into costing and improved financial planning.
  2. Treasury and Financial Risk Management:

    • Accounting and Financial Close

Odoo Healthcare ERP Solution For Human Resources

  1. Core HR and Payroll:

    • Support and automate processes for the entire employee lifecycle.
  2. Talent Management:

Business Benefits Of The Odoo Hospital Management System

  1. Better Patient Care:

    • Provides remote access to crucial databases for informed decision-making.
    • Enhances planning for subsequent tests and medical procedures.
  2. Reduces Operational Cost:

    • Results in process efficiencies and optimization of back-end operations.
    • Integrates various functions under one common database.
  3. Streamlines Healthcare Processes:

    • Integrates core services such as patient registration, electronic medical records, radiology, OPD, and emergency.
  4. Financial Planning:

    • Ensures reasonable payments from managed care providers for profitability.
  5. Adopting Best Practices:

    • Efficient management of policies and procedures for member benefits, claims, enrollment, and provider networks.
  6. Patient Safety:

    • Enhances safety through transparent communication between clinicians and patients.

Solution At A Glance

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • EMR
  • Pharmacy
  • LIS
  • Patient Billing
  • Finance & Accounts
  • HR

XAMTA INFOTECH's CRM, part of the Odoo Healthcare CRM module, assists the sales team in managing inquiries, leads, phone calls, opportunities, and emails. It effortlessly handles identification, communication, assignment, prioritization, resolution, assignment, and notification, providing a seamless experience for customer interaction.

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