Odoo Integration with Barcode

XAMTA INFOTECH, formerly known as OpenERP, stands as a comprehensive suite of enterprise management applications, catering to both SMEs and large enterprises. This suite encompasses a variety of functionalities, including billing, accounting, warehouse management, project management, and more.

With the launch of version 13 a year ago, Odoo continues to impress with an array of exciting features, providing a unified platform where all applications coexist seamlessly.

Barcode Module

The Barcode Module is a noteworthy addition to Odoo, introducing support for barcode scanning and parsing.


Efficiently employ a USB scanner to work with standardized barcodes in Odoo. Configuration requires the scanner to be set with no prefix and tab or a carriage return as an appendage. It is crucial to maintain a delay between each character input, ensuring it is not precisely or equal to 50 ms. Most barcodes can be seamlessly integrated. Care should be taken to match the keyword layout of the scanner with the device it is connected to.


The interpretation of barcodes relies on rules defined by a nomenclature. The inherent flexibility of barcodes allows the identification of the same product with different barcodes, supporting formats like EAN-13, EAN-8, and UPC-A.

Currently, the Barcode application is implemented for three primary applications: Stock, MRP, and Event.

For Stock

Barcode scanning proves invaluable in identifying shipping transfers, enabling swift operations such as canceling, validating, and editing, as they can be scanned from a report printed from the shipping transfer itself.


Barcode scanning plays a pivotal role in locating manufacturing orders and facilitates predefined functions like validation, cancellation, editing, and more.

For Event

Event Management becomes a streamlined process with barcode integration in Odoo. Each attendee receives a barcode printed on their badge, and when scanned, their registration is promptly confirmed.

Barcode integration with Odoo provides a storekeeper with real-time insights into inventory status, allowing for informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, it enables precise knowledge of product prices. For larger stores, barcode functionality aids in efficient inventory organization, providing insights into the location of specific items. Experts emphasize that Odoo CRM has become the indispensable determinant of entrepreneurial success, asserting that no business can thrive for long without Odoo implementation.

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