Odoo Integration: Revolutionizing Communication with CloudAgent

If you find yourself in a profession that entails numerous daily calls, the need for an efficient communication system is undoubtedly familiar. CloudAgent, a cloud-based contact solution, presents a comprehensive solution for managing inbound, outbound, and blended communications seamlessly.

Equipped with both basic and advanced contact center capabilities, CloudAgent facilitates multi-channel ACD, enabling engagement through voice, email, social media, and SMS. Additional features include IVR functions, outbound dialer, skill-based routing, intelligent universal call queueing, and quality monitoring tools for supervisors.

Integration with Odoo and VOIP

CloudAgent offers various integration services with third-party applications, streamlining access to calls and lead/helpdesk tickets. The integration with Odoo automates the handling of leads and tickets, enhancing overall efficiency.

In the Odoo and VOIP integration, a new call button appears against mobile numbers in leads and partner pages. This enables agents to initiate calls directly, reducing manual dialing time and minimizing the risk of errors. The integration ensures that every lead created, manually or automatically, stores the associated phone number, allowing call center executives to initiate calls effortlessly.

Unified Call and Lead Disposition

Managing call dispositions and updating lead statuses traditionally involves two separate processes. However, the integration of Odoo and CloudAgent provides a single window for both call disposition and lead updates. This streamlined approach enhances agent efficiency and reduces turnaround time, enabling agents to handle more calls in the same timeframe.

Efficient Inbound Call Handling

In situations where clients already exist in the database, agents typically spend time searching for records before initiating communication. Odoo and CloudAgent integration address this by allowing agents to open leads before picking up calls, facilitating better preparation and a more confident customer interaction.

Handling Inbound Calls for New Leads and Campaigns

CloudAgent's DID numbers support various campaigns, linking incoming calls to specific teams based on service offerings, geographical locations, language, etc. The integration creates leads instantly, reducing agent workload and providing the necessary information during calls. This automated system enhances efficiency and reduces supervisor workload.

Outbound Calls and Progressive Dialing

Progressive dialing, an extended feature of CloudAgent's outbound calls, automates the dialing process. Integration with Odoo ensures seamless handling of outbound calls, enqueuing leads for dialing and displaying lead details to agents during calls. This integrated system has proven to increase revenue, with reported efficiency improvements and quicker response times.

Missed Call Integration

CloudAgent's Missed Call services add value to various organizational processes. From renewing orders to providing quick confirmations via SMS, the service streamlines operations, reduces dependencies on sales teams, and enhances customer satisfaction.

The implementation of Missed Call services offers a wide scope for creativity, providing unique ways to offer value-added services to end customers. This not only increases overall customer satisfaction but also contributes to higher sales and repeat orders.

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