Odoo Integration with Payment Gateway – Adding Value to Your Business

In the realm of Odoo ERP integration, the link with a payment gateway holds significant value, especially for businesses in the e-commerce sector. Recognizing the critical role payment gateways play in facilitating swift transactions and handling multiple currencies, companies operating online grasp their importance.

Odoo ERP comes equipped with its standard payment gateway module, offering the flexibility to integrate various payment gateways seamlessly. At XAMTA INFOTECH, we understand the pivotal role of payment gateways, and we are dedicated to assisting our Odoo customers in seamlessly integrating their businesses with efficient payment gateway solutions.

XAMTA INFOTECH’s approach to problem-solving is distinctive, characterized by precision and a keen understanding of our customer's needs.

Odoo Integration with Payment Gateway:

Having been a prominent player in the market for a considerable time, Odoo has garnered popularity for its robust ERP system and a thriving open-source community. The E-Commerce Solution, a significant module introduced in version 8.0, has evolved with more advanced features in the current version, 13.0.

E-Commerce Integration with Odoo ERP:

Our integration goes beyond the standard, tightly connecting E-Commerce with accounting and point of sale. Adhering to the legal requirements in the e-commerce landscape often demands customization, and at XAMTA INFOTECH, we possess the expertise to tailor solutions with utmost accuracy.

Integrating a standard payment gateway with Odoo involves minimal effort through configurations and customizations, a task executed seamlessly at XAMTA INFOTECH. The introduction of E-Commerce into the Odoo ERP system aims to automate the entire e-commerce business by centralizing all departments and components within a unified system, ensuring accuracy and integrity in business operations.

Benefits of Choosing XAMTA INFOTECH for Odoo E-Commerce with Payment Gateway:

1. Integration with Any Bank: We have the capability to integrate any bank with our payment gateway.

2. Secure and User-Friendly: Our e-commerce solution with integrated payment gateway is secure, easy to use, and user-friendly.

3. Scalability: XAMTA INFOTECH's Odoo e-commerce solution offers scalability, allowing for future enhancements.

4. Discounts Management: The system includes an inbuilt option for discounts management.

5. Flexibility for Future Features: It provides flexibility to enhance the system with new features in the future.

6. Dispute Resolution: Comprehensive support for handling disputes related to financial transactions.

7. Open Source: The solution is open source, providing complete control over the code with no vendor lock-in.

8. Zero License Cost: There is no license cost associated with our offering.

XAMTA INFOTECH empowers businesses with Odoo E-Commerce integrated seamlessly with a payment gateway, offering not just a solution but a pathway to enhanced efficiency and growth.

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