Odoo Integration with POS Customer Display

XAMTA INFOTECH POS presents an intelligent interface suitable for effortless use across diverse retail industries. Its high flexibility allows for easy configuration to align with specific business needs.

Odoo POS lacks inherent support for a customer display alongside various POS hardware. Typically, customers cannot view the cashier's screen and verify the price of each scanned product.

This integration module seamlessly connects Odoo POS (All versions) with Customer Display POS LCDs featuring 2 lines and 20 characters. The module is installed on the Odoo Application Server, utilizing pywebdriver for hardware support. Pywebdriver offers advantages such as a smaller footprint, eliminating the need for a full Odoo with PostgreSQL on the cashier's computer or a small Linux-based PC connected to the hardware (e.g., RaspberryPi for the POSbox). Additionally, it provides a user-friendly test/diagnosis web interface and native support for the customer display and payment terminal, with the added convenience of an Ubuntu package for simplified deployment.


To configure the module, navigate to Point of Sale > Configuration > Point of Sale and edit the point of sale where you want to enable the LCD:

- Ensure you have configured the IP address and port of the POSbox or pywebdriver in the Hardware Proxy/PosBox section.

- Activate the Customer Display option.

- Adjust the number of characters on each line of your LCD (default is 20).

Towards the end of the page, in the Customer Display section, customize the Next customer message and POS closed message.


Once configured, start the POS as usual. Messages will appear on the LCD in various instances:

- POS initiation

- Addition or removal of a product

- Hitting the Payment button (the LCD displays the total amount)

- Entering the amount of cash received (the LCD shows the change to give back)

- Validating an order and moving to the next customer

- POS closure

- Closing the POS

In essence, with Odoo POS, the selling process becomes a joy for retailers, and the purchasing experience is pleasant for customers. It has become an essential tool, ensuring accurate billing calculations with zero chances of errors. Customers can rest assured they are charged correctly for all purchased items. Retailers gain real-time insights into a customer's buying behavior.

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