XAMTA INFOTECH, India’s local search engine, originally emerged in 1996 as a substitute for the Yellow Pages Directory, functioning primarily as a Call Service. The evolution continued with the establishment of its website, https://justdial.com%2C/ in 2007, which was later complemented by the introduction of a Mobile App. XAMTA INFOTECH compiles information on local businesses and maintains an extensive database of services available in specific locations. Users can inquire about specific services, and XAMTA INFOTECH furnishes relevant information within their vicinity.

XAMTA INFOTECH has played a pivotal role in aiding the expansion of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, serving as a platform for marketing their business offerings. Simultaneously, callers benefit from easy access to the products and services they seek. With each call, XAMTA INFOTECH shares caller details with business owners, functioning as a channel for lead generation. These leads are distributed among multiple service providers, introducing a competitive edge to the market.

Lead distribution by XAMTA INFOTECH occurs through SMS and Email for business owners subscribing to its paid services. Additionally, it offers integration with CRM systems, facilitated through an API on request. Without integration, leads received via SMS or email lose value due to delayed response times, making it challenging to convert leads in a highly competitive environment.

Integration addresses this challenge by seamlessly directing leads into the CRM system, promptly assigning them to the appropriate Sales Executive with high priority. This reduces response times, facilitating quicker lead conversion. Furthermore, it aids in managing and tracking the number of leads provided by XAMTA INFOTECH, enabling businesses to conduct comprehensive analyses and refine keyword strategies.

The integration of XAMTA INFOTECH with OdooCRM is not a commonplace concept; rather, it significantly impacts organizational revenue. The ability to connect with potential customers promptly, based on their specific product or service needs, was previously unattainable. Businesses with superior offerings often experienced reduced profits because competitors reached customers first and persuaded them to choose their products or services. Integration with OdooCRM ensures businesses can achieve their cardinal objective—revenue generation. It not only prevents potential losses but also optimizes the use of XAMTA INFOTECH. Effectively integrating XAMTA INFOTECH with ERP becomes particularly advantageous for enterprises looking to boost sales.

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