The significance of the benefits offered by an Odoo mentorship training program to an organization cannot be understated. Previously, companies would rely on Odoo ERP consultants for Odoo services, but as Odoo ERP has become indispensable, businesses are now inclined towards establishing their in-house teams of Odoo developers. To cater to the growing demand for in-house Odoo development teams, XAMTA INFOTECH has initiated a three-month Odoo training program designed to prepare technocrats. The goal is to empower them to seamlessly implement Odoo within their organizations, capable of addressing all future Odoo-related challenges through mentorship training.

Key Features of the Training Program

Understanding the Odoo Environment

  • Linux: Basic Architecture, Basic Commands.
  • Python: Basics of Python programming - Lists, Tuples, Dictionary, Looping, Conditional statements, Classes, Methods, Functions, Python Package.
  • Advanced concepts in Python programming - Understanding Instances in Python, Decorators, Python Virtual Environment, Python Package Index,
  • Vim.
  • Code management using Git.
  • Coding standards and best practices in coding.

Introduction to Odoo ERP Framework

  • Understanding Odoo Architecture.
  • Setting up Odoo for Production and Development.
  • Creating a new database.
  • Installing Odoo Modules.
  • Overview of Odoo Modules.

Introduction to Odoo ERP Modules

  • Creating a new module: Understanding basic fields such as char, integer, float, boolean, selection, date, datetime, time, timestamp, text, binary, and GUI items such as form view, tree view, actions, menus.
  • Understanding Fields: Relations - Many2One, One2Many, Many2Many, Function Fields, Reference Fields.

Advanced Concepts of Odoo ERP Modules

  • Buttons, On Change, Domains.
  • Inheritance, Overriding ORM Methods.
  • Wizards, Constraints, Raising Errors and handling exceptions.
  • Security and User Access Controls.
  • Creating Reports.

Odoo Integration

  • Understanding Controllers.
  • Writing APIs for Odoo.
  • Advanced concepts in GUI.
  • Writing scripts using XML-RPC for data patching.

XAMTA INFOTECH aims to cultivate a cadre of professionals equipped with in-depth knowledge of Odoo, ready to take on the challenges presented by the platform within their organizations.

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