After numerous years of hands-on experience in Odoo implementation across various companies, XAMTA INFOTECH acknowledges the paramount importance of continuously upgrading skills and staying abreast of the latest developments in the Odoo field. For those who have encountered challenges in Odoo implementation and have attempted to address them independently, there is a crucial question to ponder: Was the solution implemented the most optimal one? Did it truly satisfy clients to the fullest extent? To provide exemplary service to clients, constant skill enhancement is indispensable. Recognizing this need, XAMTA INFOTECH introduces a comprehensive six-day Odoo Online Training program designed for experienced professionals.

Individuals with a background in the Linux environment and a grasp of Python basics can fully leverage the benefits of this Odoo Online Training program.

Key Features of Odoo Online Training

Introduction to Odoo Framework (1 day)

On the first day of the Odoo training program, the focus lies on:

  • Understanding Odoo Architecture
  • Setting up Odoo for Production and Development
  • Creating a new database
  • Installing Odoo Modules
  • Overview of Odoo Modules
  • Creating a new module: Understanding basic fields such as char, integer, float, boolean, selection, date, datetime, time, timestamp, text, binary, and GUI items like form view, tree view, actions, menus.

Understanding Odoo Modules (4 days)

On the final day of the Odoo Online Training Program, emphasis is placed on:

  • Understanding Fields: Relations (Many2One, One2Many, Many2Many, Function Fields, Reference Fields)
  • Buttons, On Change, Domains
  • Inheritance, Overriding ORM Methods
  • Workflows, Wizards, Constraints
  • Raising Errors and handling exceptions
  • Security and User Access Controls
  • Creating Reports, Cron Jobs

Integrating Odoo (1 day)

Understanding Controllers, Writing APIs for Odoo, and Advanced concepts in GUI.

This training program equips Odoo professionals with groundbreaking skills necessary to overcome the challenges encountered while working on Odoo. It provides a pathway to efficiently address any problems that may arise during Odoo implementation.

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