Introduction – odoo pos

In the contemporary retail industry, businesses face challenges in balancing customer loyalty and experience while adhering to budget constraints. To address this, there is an increasing demand for an up-to-date and advanced Enterprise Management or CRM system, known as Odoo POS, offered by XAMTA INFOTECH.

Fortunately, retailers are recognizing the limitations of legacy systems in delivering optimal customer experiences and enhancing productivity. As retail businesses expand, the integration of numerous channels generates vast amounts of data, necessitating a seamless, intuitive, and agile ERP or CRM solution.

Industry Challenges

  1. Multiple OSs Support

    • Cash registers as the sole hardware solution for POS systems are outdated. Merchants seek cost-effective and flexible solutions usable on PCs, laptops, or tablets.
  2. Real-Time Inventory Updates

    • In the era of multi-channel sales, real-time inventory updates become crucial for efficient operations.
  3. Inventory Synchronization

    • Seamless synchronization is vital to prevent the nightmare of manual entry for each sales channel.
  4. Customer Database

    • Advanced POS systems, beyond recording customer details, should create detailed profiles, support import/export features, loyalty programs, and maintain a unified customer database for all sales channels.
  5. Multiple Integrations Support

    • Adaptable POS solutions that connect with various e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces enhance business prospects.
  6. Multiple Payment Methods Support

    • To stay competitive, POS solutions must cater to a variety of online payment methods, including credit/debit cards, gift cards, chip cards, and reward points.

Our Solution For Point Of Sale

  • Easy to Setup & Use

    • Simple installation without complex configuration.
    • User-friendly interface compatible with desktops, iPads, and Android tablets.
  • Powerful and Integrated

    • Seamless integration with stock, accounting, and other Odoo apps.
    • Identification of customers directly from the POS for synchronized accounting.
  • Flexible Payment Methods

    • Configuration of multiple payment methods for customer flexibility.
    • Capability for split payments between different methods.
  • Engage Your Customers

    • Reward customers with points, gifts, and discounts through Odoo loyalty programs.
    • Automated customer identification with loyalty cards and barcode IDs.
  • Handling Multiple Tickets

    • Activation of multiple tickets in parallel for efficient service.
  • Blazing Quick Search

    • Barcode-enabled search for rapid product information retrieval.
  • Offline Mode

    • Ability to continue serving customers even during internet loss, with seamless data synchronization once reconnected.

Our Solution For Procurement & Inventory

  • Procurement and Materials Management

    • End-to-end sourcing, procurement, and vendor management.
  • Vendor Management

    • Comprehensive management of vendors.

Our Solution For Finance

  • Manage Financial Performance

    • Accurate insight into costing, improved financial planning, and forecasting.
  • Treasury and Financial Risk Management

    • Robust management of financial risk.
  • Accounting and Financial Close

    • Streamlined accounting processes for enhanced financial control.

Our Solution For Human Resources

  • Core HR and Payroll

    • Support for the entire employee lifecycle globally.
  • Talent Management

    • Efficient talent development and management.

Business Benefits Of The Solution

  1. Increased Sales

    • Elimination of slow checkout and billing delays.
    • Mobile POS boosts sales further.
  2. Sales Reports

    • Provides a comprehensive overview of business and automatic cash flow record.
    • Facilitates easy access to product range data.
    • Allows revenue planning based on statistical expectations.
  3. Better Customer Service

    • Enhances customer satisfaction through size and color guidance.
    • Calculates offers/discounts during promotion periods.
  4. Customer Engagement

    • Offers a customer loyalty program through email notifications.
    • Enables customers to earn and redeem loyalty points.

Solution At A Glance

  • Point of Sale
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • Finance & Accounts
  • HR

XAMTA INFOTECH's Odoo POS provides an easy-to-use, integrated, and flexible solution for retail businesses, addressing challenges and enhancing efficiency across various business functions.

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