With XAMTA INFOTECH Project Management app, your team can efficiently and swiftly carry out tasks. From customer contract to billing, and from the big picture to minute details, the app ensures seamless tracking. It is user-friendly and exceptionally flexible.

It facilitates project organization based on your preferences. For instance, the Kanban view provides flexibility for efficient task and issue management, while the calendar view helps control deadlines, and the Gantt chart aids in scheduling tasks. Getting organized is key to success, and XAMTA INFOTECH's easy-to-use interface ensures quick adaptation, allowing your actions to be instantaneous.

Project Charter

Manage projects with XAMTA INFOTECH using PMBOK standards, encompassing project description, scope, success requirements, checklists, stakeholders, resources, and billing plans.

Work Breakdown Structure

Define a hierarchical structure for work in a project using WBS, aiding in maintaining an overview, defining tasks, and assigning resources. Organize projects according to your processes, focusing on tasks and issues efficiently with Kanban view. Schedule tasks using the Gantt view and control deadlines with the calendar view. Boost team productivity with specific stages for each project.

Automated Activity Scheduling facilitates easy tracking of activities, durations, resources, sequencing, and constraints, reducing the chances of task redundancy.

Resource Planning

A good resource plan includes a detailed schedule based on known information and the types of resources required for each task.

Risk Management

Effectively manage project risks following your Project Management Approach, ensuring business continuity planning for small and large organizations.

Change Management

Integrated Change Management with Stakeholders Requirements Management.

Track Issues

Identify and resolve issues in a project, receive customer feedback on each issue, and generate accurate reports on team performance.

Ask a project manager about the challenges they face, and they will recount numerous avoidable problems. XAMTA INFOTECH Project Management allows project managers to track everything in real-time, aiding quick decision-making. Automation reduces the impact of trivial issues, enabling better utilization of employee expertise. The module helps optimize the functions of departments like purchase, contributing to overall enterprise success. Implementing XAMTA INFOTECH was once considered costly, but with the right ERP implementation, it is now cost-effective.

XAMTA INFOTECH Products for Various Industries:

Operations and Maintenance

Engineering and Construction

Newspaper – Print Media and Distribution

Manufacturing / Assembly Unit

Healthcare and Hospitals

Retailers and Distributors

TV Channels

Radio Stations


E-Commerce Industry

Retails with POS


Schools & Colleges

Property Management

Advertising Agencies

HR Process Outsourcing Companies

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