Have you ever wondered about the impact Odoo has on the retail industry or how it has transformed the retail landscape? Pose this question to a seasoned retailer, and the response might be, "Have you ever tried to control things operating in an arbitrary manner?" This response encapsulates it all. With Odoo in play, there's a solid grip on crucial retail processes, making it imperative for IT Managers in the Retail Industry to be adept at working in the Odoo environment. Recognizing this need, XAMTA INFOTECH offers retail software training (functional training) that imparts knowledge on the usability of Odoo's Retail Management System. Upon completing the training program, participants will comprehend all functionalities of Odoo relevant to the Retail Industry.


This modular course is crafted for Odoo developers and IT Managers in the Retail Industry seeking a better functional understanding of Odoo and its implementation within their organizations. The course aims to provide an overview of Odoo features, fostering a general understanding of the software.

Duration – 5 Days


Upon completing this course, participants should be able to:

• Set up the Odoo system with the appropriate Retail modules and access rights.

• Understand the functional concepts of the Retail Industry.

• Utilize the software on a daily basis.

• Manage all major enterprise processes using Odoo.

• Apply general system administrator settings.

• Configure the software using standard modules.

• Master the Odoo client interface.


A basic knowledge of Enterprise Management and Retail Management is sufficient for enrollment in the XAMTA INFOTECH Training for the industry.

The distinguished functional training program is structured over five days. Each day, attendees delve into how they can leverage the power of Odoo to magically transform their retail businesses. On the first day, the training focuses on how Odoo influences Database Setup, Purchase, and Inventory in intricate detail. The second day explores Odoo POS, known for its user-friendliness and swift task execution. The third day's session delves into the pivotal role Odoo plays in the Accounting & Finance domain, offering profound benefits to professionals in these fields. On the fourth day, trainers explain how Odoo has integrated into the Human Resource Department, significantly easing tasks for HR professionals. The last day of the training session covers Human Resources Configuration and Administrator functions.

At XAMTA INFOTECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd., you receive Odoo training for the industry through a knowledgeable team in the Odoo domain. This training can be dedicated to partners, integrators, and end-users seeking a better functional and technical understanding of Odoo. XAMTA INFOTECH offers customized functional training plans tailored to your needs and requirements. Training sessions can be conducted at your location or at our office through remote sessions.

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