The rapid transformation in advertising and marketing agencies, driven by the shift to digital, necessitates effective tools for managing project profitability and employee performance. As the industry moves towards fee- and performance-based revenue models, a holistic approach becomes crucial. XAMTA INFOTECH's Odoo ERP Software For Advertising Agencies addresses these challenges, providing a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of the business in the highly competitive advertising industry.

Industry Challenges

  1. Customer Life-Cycle Management

    • Managing the entire customer life-cycle from creative briefs to performance analysis.
    • Providing flexibility for rescheduling in case of missed orders.
  2. Performance Monitoring

    • Monitoring the performance of campaigns and advertisements, offering real-time insights to customers.

Solution – ERP For Advertising Agency – Software For Advertising Agencies

  1. Creative & Scheduling

    • Creative Briefs
    • Script Management
    • Campaign Management
    • Traffic Scheduling
  2. Project Management

    • Activity Scheduling
    • Resource Planning
    • Milestone Mapping
  3. Billing & Revenue

    • Finance & Accounting
    • Receivables & Payables
    • Fixed Assets
    • Bank & Cash
    • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Management Accounting
    • Bookkeeping & Closure
    • Consolidation & Reporting

Odoo ERP Software For Advertising Agencies – Creative & Scheduling

  1. Creative Briefs

    • Creation of customer briefs tailored to each client's needs.
    • Model questions aligned with the client's vision and objectives.
    • Proposal modeling based on the customer's brief.
  2. Script Management

  3. Traffic Scheduling

  4. Campaign Management

Odoo ERP Software For Advertising Agencies – Finance

  1. Receivables & Payables

    • Viewing open receivables and payables based on periods and partners with a single click.
    • Streamlining payments with manual or automatic reconciliations.
    • Managing automated payment follow-ups for customers.
    • Handling payments in multiple currencies with accurate exchange rates.
  2. Fixed Assets

  3. Bank & Cash

  4. Budgeting & Forecasting

  5. Management Accounting

  6. Bookkeeping & Closure

  7. Consolidation & Reporting

Odoo ERP Software For Advertising Agencies – Project Management

  1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

    • Defining WBS for project tasks in a hierarchical structure.
    • Organizing projects based on internal processes.
    • Utilizing kanban views for tasks and issues, scheduling tasks in the gantt chart, and controlling deadlines in the calendar view.
    • Creating specific stages for each project for streamlined workflow.
  2. Activity Scheduling

  3. Resource Planning

  4. Risk Management

  5. Change Management

Business Benefits Of The ERP For Advertising Agency

  1. Customer Life-Cycle

    • Continuous tracking of customers from acquisition to the first campaign and beyond.
    • Insights into service performance, learning curves for future projects, and a platform for strategic planning.
  2. Effortless Monitoring

    • Real-time assignment of resources to activities and projects for easy analysis, optimization, and handling of resource utilization and profitability.
  3. Order with Ease

    • Efficient order management for various media outlets.
    • Streamlined order tracking in real-time through the Media Portal, reducing order processing time.

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