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Dedicated ODOO Implementer since version 5.0 to latest version.  

Since 2010 we working with ODOO, our journey started with ODOO version 5.0. We work on all ODOO version, either community or enterprise.

Special dedicate team who worked with ODOO core framework with ODOO S.A and founder with ODOO. We are excellent with odoo,

  • ODOO Functional
  • ODOO Technical
  • ODOO Core Framework
  • Varying version of ODOO
  • Right way implementation of ODOO
  • Community and Enterprise implementation at cost effective way

The volatile economy has forced companies to identify and exploit cost optimization opportunities and find ways to do more with less money. We at XAMTA INFOTECH understand that if cost-effective Odoo Support has to be provided to the clients, the operating cost structures need to be more responsive to business needs while ensuring that each activity performed in support functions either maximizes revenue & profitability or betters customer satisfaction.

XAMTA INFOTECH Solution believe even mid-sized organizations that do not have the economy of scale that larger enterprises enjoy should not be deprived of the best of the Odoo support. We are Odoo migration Company to make the incredible benefits of Odoo available to businesses at ever declining cost and ramp it up or down based on business needs is a challenge faced by not only us but other Odoo services provider as well. However, incessant Odoo support services is vitally important for an organization if it wants to outperform their competitors and if the cost incurred on providing constant Odoo support is gauzed in terms of its role in enhancing the revenue, it won’t be tough to embrace Odoo. How Odoo streamlines all the processes of a business that too in a flick of a second is simply unbelievable. Record a reaction of a HR personnel who is well-versed with Odoo to carry out all his/her daily tasks without its help, he/she will take it as a joke. Would you call it a wise move to spend hours in performing a task, which could have been finished in just a few clicks?

In case of mid-sized organization, the IT operating structure should be such that the fixed cost commitment is always brought down. When an organization attempts to accumulate diversified expertise on its own terms, a large fixed costs element results. In today’s fast-paced world the technology which is deciding the future of businesses today will soon become outdated. Hence the output from the committed resources (Which are Fixed Costs) keeps going down. The effectiveness of IT function can be augmented if it is possible to cut down the fixed cost element and make more discretionary spending available within the same budgets.

We believe that our Odoo support services offering addresses the implications of these emerging trends by bringing to mid-sized organizations, new technology ideas and world class expertise without long term fixed cost commitments, making discretionary spending for business improvement available within the existing budgets. XAMTA INFOTECH follow world widely accepted, proven solutions and steps process to provide Odoo support services that maintenance services most efficient.

Our Offering

Is applauded and endorsed by market leaders which gives testimony to the fact that all you receive is latest skills and technology.

Addresses the requirements of your entire application lifecycle to make sure technology enablement of business is introduced pro-actively

Is flexible in terms of skill set scoping and scale of support which is necessarily required over a period to stave off long term fixed cost commitments.

We really take the pain to make our Odoo Support service affordable for all businesses. XAMTA INFOTECH does not want even a small enterprise to find itself in a tight spot when it comes to availing our distinguished Odoo support. We do everything in our capacity to make Odoo support palatable to businesses.


15+ Years experienced ODOO team happy to serve you.