In the contemporary business landscape, technology plays a pivotal role, and no company can thrive without it. Relying on outdated methods for business operations is obsolete, and investing in technology has become indispensable for success. Odoo ERP Solution is at the forefront of managing a myriad of daily organizational activities efficiently. From Accounts & Finance to Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, every department requires technology enablement for seamless operations. To achieve this, undergoing Odoo Training is crucial.

Odoo ERP not only simplifies organizational tasks but also reduces dependencies between businesses and their customers. It ensures high accuracy in various aspects such as Stocks, Processes, Production, Project Management, Payroll, Financial Accounting, and more. Businesses that have embraced Odoo ERP training are experiencing sustainable growth. Therefore, Odoo has become a necessity for businesses across all verticals.

As a highly capable open-source ERP, Odoo has gained immense popularity in almost every business sector. Individuals with expertise in Odoo ERP training not only build promising careers but also meet the diverse needs of businesses. A 10-day Odoo training program for newcomers equips them to contribute effectively to any business vertical.

Key Features of Odoo Training Program

  1. Understanding Environment (2 days)

    • Linux: Basic Architecture, Basic Commands
    • Python: Basics and Advanced Concepts
  2. Introduction to Odoo Framework (1 day)

    • Understanding Odoo Architecture
    • Setting up Odoo for Production and Development
  3. Introduction to Odoo Modules (4 days)

    • Creating a new Odoo module
    • Understanding basic fields and GUI items
  4. Advance Concepts of Odoo Modules -1 (3 days)

    • Buttons, On Change, Domains
    • Inheritance, Overriding ORM Methods
  5. Advance Concepts of Odoo Modules -2 (3 days)

    • Wizards, Constraints, Error Handling
    • Security, User Access Controls, Creating Reports
  6. Integrating Odoo (2 days)

    • Understanding XML-RPC, Controller
    • Writing APIs for Odoo, Advanced GUI Concepts

Upon completing this Odoo training for newcomers, participants gain a profound understanding of Odoo customizations. They acquire the skills to assist businesses in customizing their ERP according to specific needs. The course covers the latest advancements in Odoo, enhancing participants' confidence and reducing the likelihood of errors during Odoo implementation. XAMTA INFOTECH's Odoo ERP support services, encompassing functional and technical support, bug fixing, contribute to the growth of businesses.

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