Open Source Odoo Fleet Management Software By XAMTA INFOTECH

XAMTA INFOTECH's open-source fleet management software through Odoo provides you with the capability to oversee the entire lifecycle of your company vehicles, starting from the initial contract with the leasing company to the services associated with the vehicle assigned to an employee.

Utilizing our user-friendly administrative system, you can manage various aspects such as fuel log entries, expenses, and other features essential for the efficient management of your company's vehicles.

Contracts and Administrative Follow-up

Effectively manage all agreements for your vehicles, receiving email notifications when an agreement approaches its expiration date. Visual tools are in place to ensure that you don't overlook renewing or terminating your contracts.

With Odoo's open-source fleet management software, there's no need for a specialized tracking system for company vehicles. You can effortlessly keep an eye on your vehicles with just a few simple clicks.

Track Your Company Cars

With the assistance of Odoo Fleet Management Software by XAMTA INFOTECH, easily assign vehicles to employees and establish the correct vehicle condition overview during deployment. Additionally, monitor vehicle status and odometer values between tasks, registering them to keep track of the vehicle lifecycle.

Managing your organization's vehicles becomes straightforward and easy.

Organization Vehicle Fleet

Using Odoo Fleet Management by XAMTA INFOTECH, efficiently handle key milestones such as procurement, maintenance, and redelivery. Add vehicles to your fleet seamlessly, tracking the entire lifecycle and anticipating any maintenance or replacement needs.

Vehicle Services Management

Coordinate services related to the vehicle and communicate with qualified service providers, managing invoices and notes. Establish a vehicle policy within your company, along with an insurance policy, to handle your vehicles in the most efficient manner.

Analysis and Reporting

Display all costs associated with a particular vehicle or service type. Utilize the reporting tool to make comparisons and analyses between different types of expenses, such as identifying the vehicles incurring the highest costs or detailing the services performed on each vehicle.

Gain valuable insights into the effective return of each vehicle to enhance your vehicle investments. Identify and monitor the funds spent by your company for all vehicles. The recurring costs of your contracts, such as leasing agreements, are automatically generated at the beginning of each period based on the frequency specified in the contracts.

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