In today’s rapidly evolving world, the progress of a nation depends significantly on well-planned construction facilities, encompassing infrastructure, architecture, and technological advancements. The challenges faced by these fields in terms of business management can be simplified through the use of the property management system ERP.

Efficient development of real estate projects relies heavily on strategic resource management and planning. Research indicates that inadequacies in these criteria contribute to the failure of 30% of projects. The Odoo Real Estate Management System from XAMTA INFOTECH aids managers in efficiently handling properties, leasing, maintenance, and sales, alleviating the burdens of cumbersome paperwork and follow-ups.

Industry Challenges

  1. Cost Control

    • Managing high mobilization and execution costs.
    • Coping with rising resource prices while adhering to the budget.
    • Navigating greater compliance, cut-throat competition, and declining profit margins.
  2. Property Tracking

    • Recognizing problems and making corrections in a timely manner.
    • Lack of real-time tracking for leasing or maintenance activities.
  3. Resource Management

    • Absence of real-time information on cost, people, and time.
    • Dealing with cost overruns, underutilized resources, and time mismanagement.
  4. Decision Making

    • Coordinating all departments and centralizing information.
    • Generating data for intelligent decision-making.


XAMTA INFOTECH's Odoo offers comprehensive features to address the core requirements of Property Management. The Odoo Real Estate Management solution comprises business process templates designed to provide the right solution while emphasizing cost and time reduction for property management.

Odoo Real Estate Management System For Property Leasing

  1. Property Listings

    • Detailed definition of properties, including area, amenities, certifications, technical, and legal information.
  2. Workflow Management

  3. Professional Website

  4. Rental Applications

Odoo Property Management System For Operations

  1. Tenant Screening

    • Custom credit score requirements for each property.
    • Recommendations based on applicant data.
  2. Maintenance Request

  3. Document Management

  4. Property Inspection

Odoo Property Management System For Finance

  1. Property Accounting

    • Secure management of property expenses, rent acceptance, and reporting.
  2. Manage Financial Performance

  3. Treasury and Financial Risk Management

  4. Accounting and Financial Close

Business Benefits Of The Odoo Property Management System

  1. Rent Arrears

    • Tracking rent arrears to address issues promptly.
  2. Property Ledger

    • Recording all property transactions for financial transparency.
  3. Scheduled Reminders

    • Automated reminders for payments, maintenance, and inspections.

Key Features Of Odoo Property Management System

  1. Property Valuation

    • Management of maintenance, insurance, utilities, and rent with reminders.
  2. In-built Content Management System

    • Displaying property details on a designated website.
  3. Deposit Schemes

    • Provision to define deposit schemes at the time of booking.
  4. User-Defined Building Types

    • Creation of user-defined building types, room categories, and rooms.
  5. Pricing Policies

    • Flexibility to define pricing policies for various customer groups.

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