Odoo Integration with Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Winemaking involves a meticulous process where maintaining the right temperature and humidity is crucial for optimal production. Red wine, for instance, requires storage at an ideal temperature of 55 degrees. Deviating from this can significantly accelerate the aging process, leading to damage. The integration of ERP (Odoo integration) with temperature and humidity sensors empowers business owners or companies to exercise control and mitigate losses.

Similarly, in the wine industry, it is advised to keep the humidity within a range of 55 to 85 percent to ensure corks remain moist. Dry corks allow oxygen ingress, initiating oxidation that can spoil the wine. This underscores the importance of precise temperature and humidity control in winemaking, as negligence can result in substantial financial losses for the manufacturer. The same principle applies to industries such as meat processing, cold storage, and restaurants, where maintaining the right temperature and humidity is paramount.

Consider a scenario where you receive alerts and notifications on your cellphone when there are fluctuations in temperature and humidity beyond specified limits. This level of control over temperature and humidity management is precisely what XAMTA INFOTECH offers.

Initially, we develop a device that keeps you informed about even the slightest variations in temperature and humidity. This device is integrated with Odoo ERP to deliver real-time alerts and notifications to your cellphone. The device, based on the Linux operating system, is created by combining a DHT11 (Temperature & Humidity Sensor) with Raspberry Pi 2. While this keeps you updated within the manufacturing unit, what if you want real-time updates from anywhere, anytime?

Our adept software engineers at XAMTA INFOTECH create and run a Python application that collects readings from the server and pushes the data to Odoo via LAN/Internet. Odoo, based on the received data, enables the creation of graphs, generates reports, and automatically sends alerts and notifications if there is a deviation from the predetermined values. These alerts can be delivered via email, SMS, or voice call.

Monitoring the production process in a manufacturing plant has never been easier. Timely alerts facilitate real-time rectification of mistakes, providing an opportunity to eliminate flaws in the production process. Beyond monitoring temperature and humidity, production time is also reduced as errors are addressed at each step. This allows for a shift in focus to more meaningful pursuits, as the need to monitor conditions is efficiently managed within the manufacturing unit.

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