Numerous factors, such as manual procedures, tight timeframes, and voluminous documentations, contribute to the arduous and resource-intensive nature of Bidding & Tender management. However, XAMTA INFOTECH's Bid & Tender Management module eliminates unnecessary complexities, streamlining the process and allowing businesses to focus on winning contracts. XAMTA INFOTECH is gaining popularity not only among large enterprises but also SMEs due to its myriad benefits. Let's delve into the key features of this indispensable module.

Key Features of XAMTA INFOTECH Tender Management System

Smart and Streamlined:

The bidding process is organized through a web-based platform accessible from anywhere, reducing management efforts and enhancing efficiency.

Confidential Process:

XAMTA INFOTECH's Bid & Tender Management Software ensures the confidentiality and security of information until the submission deadline, with stakeholders having access to designated information.

Document Management:

Manage all documents from clients or created internally in a single window with revisions for easy management and time-saving.


Define Pre-Bid, Bidding & Post-Bid Checklists for organizing activities in estimation and tendering, assign tasks to various stakeholders, and track their status.

Bill of Quantities/Schedule of Work:

Create or import a detailed Scope of Work defined in the Tender to estimate costing.


Implement Multiple Stage Management with approvals for technical & commercial bidding before the final submission.

Integrated with CRM & Project Management:

Seamlessly integrated with CRM & Inventory modules to efficiently link various processes and provide real-time status on Opportunities, Tenders & Projects.

Reports at a Glance:

Real-time insights into when bid and tender documents are received and opened, expediting the evaluation and award process.

Alerts & Notifications:

Receive timely alerts and notifications for urgent activities, follow-ups, MIS reports, etc.

With XAMTA INFOTECH tender management software, the bidding and tender management process is no longer burdensome, as most processes are automated. This enables businesses to navigate difficulties effortlessly and make timely and business-friendly decisions. The system provides all the necessary information for sound decision-making, minimizing the chances of mistakes. XAMTA INFOTECH's Bid & Tender Management is a crucial tool for professionals to overcome challenges associated with bidding & tender management while ensuring the security of vital information.

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TV Channels

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E-Commerce Industry

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Schools & Colleges

Property Management

Advertising Agencies

HR Process Outsourcing Companies

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