The Top Features Of Odoo Pharmacy Management System

 by XAMTA INFOTECH Pharmacy Management System, June 15, 2022


Odoo Pharmacy Management system or generally known as pharmacy software is a system that stores full details about the processes in a pharmacy. It helps in storing the information, organizes the whole system, controls the use of medication, and improves customer satisfaction.

With the growing technology in this modern era, pharmacy software is a golden opportunity for pharmacy owners. The software vendors have designed the software in such a way that it helps the enterprise owner to regulate their inventory, accounting, and choose the best treatment based on background data analysis using the software.

The pharmacists make use of the first pharmacy management system features to digitize their pharmacy store fully. Using pharmacy software enabled with all basic and advanced pharmacy software features helps in controlling all of the enterprise activities with enhancing profits. In the day-by-day routine, patients typically prefer to visit the pharmacy for regular drugs instead of going to doctors, and the advanced pharmacy software features assist in suggesting medication based on the salt compositions of those minor illnesses.

Now when we have already discussed the importance of Pharmacy Management Software, allow us to transfer ahead and discuss some important features of the pharmacy management system.

7 Key Features Of Odoo Pharmacy Management System

  1. Prescription Management Prescriptions are hard to read; they’re unreadable by the patients, and therefore may cause confusion. The illegibility of prescriptions can be a source of error in giving the right drugs. With the help of software, the pharmacist won’t have to read the prescriptions again and again. The pharmacist can store the record of the prescription and repeat the medicine as and when required. Data stored within the system reduces the chances of errors.

  2. SMS & Alerts With the help of an Odoo Pharmacy Management system, the pharmacists can get timely notifications and alerts from the software if any of the patients will need the medicine soon, or the medication is going to expire. He can schedule SMS to be sent to patients intimating them in advance to buy the next dosage of drugs. This is one of the top pharmacy software features and helps in enhancing customer relationships. The customer can also reply to the message whether to refill the medicine, and the pharmacist can simply deliver the medicine to the patients.

  3. Reporting Reporting is an important part of any enterprise. Proper reporting and data analysis lead to better-informed decision-making and large profits. Pharmacists interact with many sales executives, patients, doctors, medical representatives in the day-to-day. But manually remembering all the details isn’t possible. Therefore, here the pharmacy software comes into existence; all the information relating to each of these can easily be saved within the system, which can be later analyzed for growth strategies. These reports provide valuable insights like which part of the enterprise is performing well and which needs enhancement.

  4. Doctor/MR Commission Management One of the essential pharmacy management software features is commission management. In the pharmacy, it is extremely important to keep a check on which doctor’s prescription or which medical consultant has sold which medicine. Every prescription and drug sold out at the pharmacy counts for a commission which can be easily calculated using the software.

    This means, “no more frauds, no more errors.”

  5. Expiry Management Another necessary feature of the pharmacy management system for a pharmacy management system is expiry management. In normal, pharmacies suffer huge losses resulting from expired products. In any pharmacy, medicines are bought in bulk with different MRP and expiry dates, and therefore the pharmacists find it difficult to maintain a check on every drug. Unknowingly many medicines get expired lying on the shelves, which ultimately can only be thrown into the garbage. In case a software program with an expiry management system is carried out, then it should prompt for the near expiry medicines which the pharmacist can either sell to the customer or return back to the provider. This saves on huge losses, and also the products aren’t wasted.

  6. Re-Order Management Setting re-order points, figuring out when you should refill the inventory, which product is best performing in the inventory, and so on… Crucial insights like this help every pharmacist to stay organized and informed. The pharmacists can set the minimum and maximum inventory level point; the software will indicate every time the inventory reaches the minimum level, and he/she can place a re-order. The system also suggests the best buy option with the nearest suppliers’ schemes and supply to save more.

  7. Digital Collections In the new normal, everyone is following social distancing. Customers need to pay online, and in the pharmacy, the risk of getting affected with various is the most. Therefore, for the sake of health and safety, the pharmacies must have a digital assortment option where the patient can pay without touching anything.

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