Correct Audience for Tryton Functional Training

XAMTA INFOTECH brings you a specialized Tryton Functional Training modular course tailored for IT Managers in the healthcare sector, specifically those overseeing hospital operations. This training is designed to enhance functional understanding and implementation of Tryton within their organizations. After completing the course, participants will be well-versed in Tryton features, providing them with a deeper understanding of the software's capabilities. Contact us for more details about this comprehensive course.

Training Duration: 6 Days

Objectives of Tryton Functional Training:

Upon completion of the Tryton Functional Training course, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand the Functional Concepts:

    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the functional concepts embedded in Tryton.
  2. Set Up a New Tryton System:

    • Configure a new Tryton system with the appropriate modules and access rights to align with organizational requirements.
  3. Daily Software Interaction:

    • Efficiently work with the software on a daily basis, ensuring smooth operational processes.
  4. Manage Enterprise Processes:

    • Oversee and manage all major enterprise processes effectively using Tryton.
  5. Configure the Software:

    • Utilize standard modules to configure the software, aligning it with specific business needs.
  6. Master the Tryton Client Interface:

    • Gain proficiency in navigating and utilizing the Tryton client interface.
  7. System Administrator Settings:

    • Apply general system administrator settings for enhanced system management.


Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of Enterprise Management.

CRM & Sales Management of Tryton:

The CRM & Sales Management module of Tryton empowers users to track leads and opportunities efficiently. It offers customization of the sales cycle, statistical insights, and automated marketing campaign setup. This course is designed to provide an overview of basic Tryton configuration and the use of the Sales Management Module for lead, opportunity, meeting, and phone call tracking.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to different types of views within Tryton.
  • Installation and configuration of a new database.
  • Creation of users and assignment of rights.
  • Set up a new Tryton system with appropriate modules and access rights.

Purchase Management of Tryton:

The Purchase Management module of Tryton allows users to create and track purchase orders, manage suppliers' address books, control product reception processes, and check suppliers' invoices. This course enhances functional understanding of purchase management flow within Tryton, covering aspects from defining suppliers and products to the complete purchase flow.

Course Content:

  • Define categories of suppliers.
  • Follow suppliers in the Address Book.
  • Import Suppliers.
  • Create product categories and products.
  • Create initial stock inventory.
  • Control receptions.
  • Basic purchase flow.
  • Automated propositions and personalized analysis.

Warehouse Management of Tryton:

The Warehouse Management module equips participants with a better functional understanding of stock management within Tryton. This includes defining stock locations, warehouses, stock rules replenishment, automatic order points, and more.

Course Content:

  • Define warehouses and structure them around locations.
  • Manage inventory rotation and stock levels.
  • Execute packing orders generated by the system.
  • Calculate theoretical stock levels and automate stock valuation.
  • Create rules for automatic stock replenishment.

Human Resources:

Tryton's Human Resources module focuses on managing staff, holiday calendars, employment contracts, holiday and sickness breaks, claims processes, staff performance, and skills and competencies. This course provides trainees with a better understanding of Human Resources functionalities within Tryton.

Course Content:

  • Management of staff and the holiday calendar.
  • Management of employment contracts.
  • Management of holiday and sickness breaks.
  • Managing claims processes.
  • Management of staff performance.
  • Management of skills and competencies.

Project Management:

 Tryton's Project Management app facilitates efficient task execution, allowing teams to track everything from customer contracts to billing. This course provides a better understanding of managing projects at short or long term, creating projects, handling related tasks, time tracking, and billing time spent on customers.

Course Content:

  • Organizing activities into tasks and planning work.
  • Efficient allocation of resources.
  • Short and long-term project planning.
  • Scheduling and automatic email communication for project progress status.
  • Graphical representations of project plans with Gantt diagrams.
  • Synchronization between tasks and timesheets.
  • Generating project analysis.


Tryton's Manufacturing module provides control and flexibility over all manufacturing operations, including multi-level bill of materials, phantom bills of materials, work center operations, manufacturing concepts and settings, and manufacturing orders.

Course Content:

  • Multi-level bill of materials and routings.
  • Phantom bills of materials.
  • Work center operations.
  • Manufacturing concepts and settings.
  • Manufacturing orders.

Financial & Analytical Accounting:

The Financial & Analytical Accounting module in Tryton simplifies financial operations, offering features such as journal entry creation, budget management, analytic accounting, and advanced business intelligence reports.

Course Content:

  • Managing operations clearly.
  • Efficient tools for financial analysis based on real-time data.
  • Configuring accounting structure.
  • Automated recurring actions, payment, and budget follow-up.
  • Driving strategic decisions with analytic (or cost) accounting modules.
  • Dynamic accounting dashboards.
  • Flexible data entry for individuals without accounting background.

XAMTA INFOTECH ensures that participants gain practical and applicable knowledge through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios in each module of the Tryton Functional Training program. Contact us for more details on this intensive training opportunity.

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