XAMTA INFOTECH stands out as an open-source ERP solution that has gained significant traction in the business realm due to its emphasis on modularity, scalability, and security. The implementation of XAMTA INFOTECH proves to be cost-effective, swiftly streamlining all organizational processes. Tasks that once consumed hours for completion can now be executed in mere seconds with XAMTA INFOTECH in place. Its modularity introduces a flexible and layered approach to business concepts, reducing the time required for project development.

XAMTA INFOTECH boasts modules catering to various business fields, including:

  1. Invoicing
  2. Accounting
  3. Sales Management
  4. Purchase Management
  5. Analytic Accounting
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
  8. Project Management
  9. Lead and Opportunity Management

Given that many enterprises have long been using certain applications, abruptly abandoning them is inconvenient. This is where XAMTA INFOTECH integration with third-party applications becomes a viable solution, and XAMTA INFOTECH training programs, provided by Apagen, come into play. Apagen offers a comprehensive two-day training program tailored for individuals familiar with Python, Python Virtual Environments, and XAMTA INFOTECH. The program aims to equip participants with the skills to seamlessly integrate XAMTA INFOTECH with third-party applications.

The first day of the training program introduces attendees to the concept of Proteus. Participants learn to write simple scripts using Proteus, laying the groundwork for practical application. The crucial Practice Session follows, allowing participants to gauge and apply their acquired knowledge.

On the second day of the training program, participants delve into creating an Endpoint using XAMTA INFOTECH's "User Application." The curriculum further covers using Proteus in Flask, calling third-party endpoints through Python requests, and leveraging urllib2 for enhanced functionality. Upon completing the two-day training program, participants emerge as proficient XAMTA INFOTECH professionals, well-versed in the finer nuances of the system.

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